Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saturday Sprinkler Fun!!!

This past Saturday, Emerson and I went to Pittsboro to meet Monica and Carter for lunch.  Carter was playing in a soccer tournament and had a 3 hour break between games.  That gave us the perfect amount of time to meet them for lunch and catch up.  On the way home, Emerson and I talked about what we might do that afternoon (I was secretly hoping she would fall asleep on the 35 minute drive).  Somehow the conversation turned to running around in the sprinklers, to which Emerson got super excited about.  About 12 minutes from home, Emerson's eyes slowly shut and she was out like a light.  Success!!  I finished the drive listening to classical music, like I usually do when she falls asleep.  I got home, pulled in the driveway, and went to transfer Emerson from car to bed.  (This transition is usually pretty easy and doesn't wake her up.)  Upon putting her head on my shoulder, she popped it back up and said, "Hey, I want to go in the sprinklers!!"   FAIL!!  There was no getting her back to sleep and there was no getting her mind off the sprinklers.  We waited for Danny to get home from his errands and then made sure it was okay for the freshly cut grass to get a watering.  Once we got the go-ahead, it was swimsuit time.

Right after we got outside, the Hermans rounded the corner from their afternoon walk. Immediately there was a twinkle in both Ivie's and Emerson's eyes.  Emerson because she now had someone to join her and Ivie because she was ready to get her suit on and get wet. I think it took about two minutes for Ivie to run upstairs, get changed into her suit and join Emerson in the water.  Macie was a bit more apprehensive of the sprinklers.  The girls had a great time running and jumping through the sprinklers, being carried like a football by Danny through the sprinklers, and catching water in their mouths. The pictures were just too cute not to post.  It was a great afternoon just watching the girls have a blast...funny how the simple things make them so happy.  We ended the afternoon practicing our golf swings and going on "golf ball egg hunts" to find the balls Mr. Dale had hit.  What a great way to spend the afternoon with great friends.  I see many more sprinkler sessions in our future, especially as the temps start to heat up.

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