Sunday, May 1, 2011

Show-and-Tell #67: Chloe...the second!!

We haven't been that great about getting pictures on Friday mornings and posting Show-and-Tell items.  So, hopefully this post will revive our Show-and-Tell series.  You may remember the first Chloe Show-and-Tell post about Emerson's cute stuffed puppy.  Well, we now have a second Chloe in our house that could be the first Chloe's mommy.  We found this adorable stuffed puppy at Marbles Kid's Museum a few weekends ago on our visit with Mimi.  Upon seeing it, Emerson had to have it, and of course, Mimi obliged!!  It was hard not to resist this cute face that reminded us so much of the real Chloe that isn't with us anymore.  Emerson talks about the real Chloe all the time, even though they never met, and this new stuffed Chloe made her day!!!
Show-and-Tell #67
Chloe....the second
April 28, 2011

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