Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Strawberry Patch Field Trip

Yesterday, Emerson and I headed (with the rest of her preschool) to Waller Family Farms for some strawberry pickin'.  Before we could leave school, I was "commissioned" to take an all-school picture.  It's hard to organize an estimated 75 kids and 10 teachers, but we managed to get it done and get a somewhat decent picture for the 30th Anniversary.

After the group shot, we all caravaned to the farm for a morning of strawberry pickin'.  You may remember my last post about the farm when the preschool visited this past fall for an educational farm tour.  Farmer Mark was just as hospitable this time and welcomed all 100+ of us with open arms.  Each child received their own quart-sized container to fill up with the berries of their choice.  We all walked out to the field together and then picked our row.  The kids were on the hunt for red strawberries.  Farmer Mark instructed them, "the redder the berry, the better the berry".  Emerson was a great inspector and wouldn't let anything but bright red strawberries make it into our container.  Some of the kids even taste tested the strawberries; they were big, juicy and just the right combination of sweet and tart.  Although Emerson isn't a big fan of strawberries (she'll tell you she likes them, but I don't think she does), she followed suite and taste tested one.  With strawberry stained hands and red spots on their shirts, the kids made their way down their row and filled their quarts to capacity.  After filling up on strawberries (literally!), Emerson's class gathered under a tree for a snack and celebration of Haegan's birthday.  What a great morning spent with a great group of kids.  I see another trip to a strawberry patch in our future!!!

Waiting for the group shot

Triangle Presbyterian Preschool
30th Anniversary

Waller Farms 

Hugs and hand-holding with Haegan!!

Pickin' berries and searching for the RED ones.

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