Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snake Tales

For the past two summers the Herman and Dever households have had a pesky snake problem.  In 2009, Amy documented it here on her blog; this snake slithered it's way onto their play set.  Later that summer I took a picture of the/a snake on their driveway, but I think I was too grossed out and deleted it....I can't find it anywhere.  In 2010, Amy documented the black snake here on her blog; this snake was a little too close  for comfort.  It was trying to get to a bird's nest that was perched way above a column on their porch.  I also caught a snake (probably the same one) climbing their front door one day.  And at one point, I actually saw two snakes on their porch at the same time....both trying to get to that bird's nest.  I captured these pictures of a snake one day just basking on their porch...Ugh!!!  So really, maybe it was just the Hermans who had the snake problem, Ha!!  Actually Danny did behead one snake in 2009 and Jasper actually picked one up and carried it away to the woods.  So needless-to-say, we've grown to accept that a black snake (or two) is going to make an appearance each summer.

You can imagine my concern when we discovered we had a bird's nest in our geraniums this summer.  I was quite worried one of those pesky little black snakes would reappear trying to get to the nest, eggs and eventually the baby birds.  I literally peeked out the window every time I took Hogan out and feared I would see a snake.  Last month, Emerson, Danny and I went to Charlotte for the night and my parents came over to stay with Hogan.  My mom knows I check my email on my phone quite often.  Around 9:30 on Saturday night I received an email titled, "Poor Birdie and Eggs" with the attached photo.  A few minutes later, I received another email titled, "UNREAL" with the attached picture.  

Poor Birdie and Eggs


I showed the picture to Danny and our friend, Adam.  Granted we were looking at the pictures on a phone, but they both said, "That's no black snake!!".  Adam even interjected with, "That looks like a corn snake."  I immediately called my mom.  The conversation went like this.....ring, ring, ring....

Me: Mom, I told you a snake would get those eggs.  
Mom: I know, we opened the door to take Hogan out and he was right there.  
Me: What can you do, I don't want him to eat the eggs.  You've got to save those birds.  (Just for the record, Emerson got pretty attached to those eggs and I really wanted her to see them hatch)
Mom: I'm not sure what we can do.  Do you have a shovel?
Me: Yes, tell Dad to go in my garage and get it.  
Mom: Okay
Me: Awww, poor birds!
Mom: Brooke, it's not real!
Me: What?
Mom: It's a plastic snake!! (Laughing hysterically!!)
Me: OH. MY. GOD....alright, you got me!! (relieved my birdies were safe)

Probably the best joke my parents have played on me.  I must admit, they got me good.  I was so worried about the baby birds and how I would explain their disappearance to Emerson.  Good news, we've seen no snakes this summer (except a snake skin the other night, again on the Herman play set) and the birds lived and have left the nest.  I am sure this will be a story we tell for a long time!!!

This Requires Words Wednesday: Emerson's Pregnancy

Saturday night during our Bon Voyage cook-out, the kids were all playing in the Herman's living room.  I was in the kitchen doing something and Stuart walked in, motioned to the living room and said, "Have you seen your daughter?"  Umm, no!  I hadn't seen her in awhile but wasn't worried....should I be?  I went to the  doorway of the living room and found this.....
Yeah, that's right!!  That's my daughter, lying on the Herman's coffee table, legs propped up, baby doll stuffed in her shirt and a blanket over her legs like she's getting ready to pop out the next Mattel doll.  Seriously?  Where in the world do kids learn this stuff.  I'm pretty sure the Disney channel isn't running reruns of birthing class videos and I know I don't let Emerson watch any shows that would ever teach you how a baby was born.  So how does she know you actually lie down to give birth?  Is it instinctive?  Whatever it is, it was a crazy sight to see.  I'm pretty sure I don't want to see my daughter in thirteen years being featured on MTV's 16 and Pregnant. The best part is Ivie was right there next to her playing nurse (see below)!!  And then of course it was her turn to hop on the table and Emerson was the nurse.  I realize little girls love to play Mommy, but who thought birthing would become an aspect of play.  If only they knew birthing the baby isn't that much fun!!!

Wordless Wednesday: A Much Needed Haircut!!!

This past Sunday, Emerson got a much-needed haircut.  She loves getting her haircut (it only happens about every six months) and seeing the before and after pictures.  So I've posted here for her to see now and remember later in life, too!!
(Sorry the quality isn't great, these were taken with my phone)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bon Voyage Cook-out

This past Saturday, we planned a small cook-out with the Hermans and the Cherrys.  The Cherrys are moving to Wilmington and we wanted to get the gang together one last sad, we hate to see them go.  We know this won't be the last time we see them but it's still sad.  Emerson and Will played on the same soccer team this past fall (yes, still haven't written that blog) and Bob and Stuart are just great people and so fun to hang out with.  Oh yes, and then there's Charlotte, her killer blue eyes are always fun to photograph and Emerson has been obsessed with her since she was born!!!  We had everyone come over at 5:00 for some water fun (we bought a slip 'n slide at Target that day) and then we ate around 6:00.  One of Amy's grad school classmates and her family also joined in the fun and dinner festivities.   It was a perfect evening to say good-bye to great friends.  We will miss you Cherry family, but we know we'll see you for football season this fall and hopefully we can make it down to Wilmington.
The Herman girls checkin' out the baby pool
Emerson wasn't so sure about the slip 'n slide
Ivie, on the other hand, LOVED it and had no fear!!!
Even Danny tried it a few times!!
Emerson was more interested in playing with "Baby Charlotte".  
Ivie was intense on the slip 'n slide....I love some of her facial expressions!!!
Sweet "Baby Charlotte" just taking it all in!!
Will wasn't interested in the slip 'n slide AT ALL....I love this picture, he's ALL boy!!
Love this shot!!!
Ivie and Danny...Slipping and Sliding!!
Emerson left Danny hanging on this one and let him go down by himself!!
I think Emerson and Will were more excited about the swing set!!
After dinner and a lot of playtime, Ivie came over for a sleepover with Emerson.  It was already late, so I let them watch one show and then put them to sleep.  I only had to go back in Emerson's room one time.  Ivie uses a nightlight and I put it next to Emerson's bed.  Emerson, on the other hand, does not use a nightlight and usually sleeps in an all dark room.  The nightlight was casting shadows on the ceiling and they were scaring Emerson.  So I had one child scared of the nightlight and one child scared without it.  We compromised and moved it to a different location in the room where less shadows were cast....the world was right again!!!  I didn't hear a peep back out of the girls and they were sound asleep by 9:30.  They did wake up a bit early, but luckily Emerson took a 3 1/2 hour nap that I had to wake her up from on Sunday!!!  Emerson loves Ivie and it's always a treat have her come over for a sleepover.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Heart Faces: A Touch of Whimsy

I'm participating in the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge this week.  I think every parent, particularly the ones whom photography is their hobby, have those pictures filed away in their heads that are their favorites.  I can certainly say I have a running list and this picture is by far in my top five.  I took this when Emerson was almost 2 1/2 on an unusually warm November day.  It was so fun to play around and get some great shots, but this is one of the best from the day.  Just love, love, love it!!  You can see all the shots on the original blog post at the link below the picture!!  I hope you enjoy my entry and hop on over for the other entries at I Heart Faces to check out how other people interpret "Whimsy".

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials

Original Blog Post, Tutu Cute,  with all the pictures from our November photo shoot!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Show-and-Tell #71: Pillow Pet

Friday, for Show-and-Tell, Emerson decided to take her pillow pet bunny she received this past Easter from the Easter Bunny.  As of yet, we have no name for the bunny other than, Pillow Pet.  Hopefully, a name will emerge soon, as this is quickly growing to be a favorite sleeping pal.

Show-and-Tell #71
Pillow Pet Bunny
June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Emersonisms: Talking Back

I'm sure it's hard for some of you to believe, but Emerson isn't the sweet, angel we've talked about in blog posts past.  We never really had the "terrible twos" with her, but we knew the so-called "terrible threes" were right around the corner.  We saw glimpses of it here and there, but just recently we are seeing it on a daily, hourly, by-the-minute basis.  Let's just say Emerson has become, ahem, difficult (for lack-of-a-better-term).  Danny and I realize this is just a phase, but it sure is a hard one and we hope it passes SOON!!!

Here are some great examples of Emerson's recent talking back moments:  (realize sometimes, even in the heat-of-the-moment, it's hard not to break out into laughter or a grin).

After several back-and-forths about some issue and Emerson finally saying something she shouldn't have said or saying it in a way she shouldn't have said (I honestly don't remember what the situation was).

Me: Emerson, we don't talk to people like that.
Emerson: Well mommy you aren't people, you're my mother.

How does the saying go, folks.....I'm your mother; I brought you into this world and I can take you out!! I refrained, but I sure thought it!!

Danny: Emerson, you had a few bites of ice cream at lunch and you just had a popcicle, so we probably aren't going to have anymore ice cream tonight.
Emerson: Well, Daddy if you don't get me any ice cream I'm taking all your stuff away.
Me (chiming in): Oh really, what are you going to take away?
Emerson: I'll take your bed away and Daddy's suitcase away

Danny and I couldn't hold it in....we burst out laughing!

During a moment when we were trying to reason with her.

Emerson: But Daddy I want too!!  (not sure what she wanted to do or what she wanted)
Danny: Well Emerson, I want a million dollars but I can't have it.  You don't always get what you want.
Emerson: Daddy, here you go! (holding out her hand like she is handing him money)
Danny: This isn't real money...
Emerson: Well, I've got real money in my piggy bank upstairs!

We should have reasoning here!!

I'll keep jotting these down...and I'm sure we'll have a part two to this blog soon.  At the rate we're going, it might be by tomorrow night!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Afternoon at the Pool

This past Sunday while Danny was playing golf, Emerson and I headed down to the Brier Chapel Community for lunch and some pool time with our dear friends, Heba and Ed.  Heba and Ed just recently moved into a new house and it was great to visit with them over lunch and get a tour of their gorgeous home.  After lunch, it was time to hit the neighborhood pool.  Brier Chapel certainly spared no expense when it came to designing this pool; complete with an olympic-sized lap pool, a family pool with water slides and raindrops and a splash pad specifically designed for the kiddos!!  Emerson didn't waste a minute getting her swim cover off and heading straight for the splash pad.
Splash Pad Fun
Love this picture of her gallivanting...
After playing in the splash pad, Emerson got talked into a ride down the curvy water slide by Ed.  As a mom of a child that can't swim well, I was a bit nervous. But Ed promised me he would hold on tight and hold her above the water.  So off the two of them went for a ride down the curvy water slide!!
Ed did his best to hold Emerson up, but I think the velocity of the slide even surprised him a bit.  Emerson ended up going under the water but popped her head back up and started those swimming digs and kicks just as Ed got to her and held her.  Needless-to-say, when asked if she wanted to go again, we got a firm answer of "NO!!"  So it was off to the family pool for some fun in the water and under the raindrop.  Emerson practiced her swimming and jumping and was happy to have Heba and Ed in the pool with her to play.  As you can see, I stayed on the side of the pool and took pictures!!
Family Pool
After some swimming, I gave Emerson the five-minute warning and told her to pick what she wanted to do, the water slides, the splash pad, or stay in the family pool.  Shockingly she said water slide.  I looked at Ed and he said, "Well let's go!!"  So, again, off the two of them went for two more jaunts down the twisty water slide.  Emerson had a blast and was much better prepared this time for the shock of the water.  Ed was also prepare and made sure to hold her up.  I think Emerson found her new partner-in-water-slide-crime!!
Thanks for a great afternoon, Heba and Ed.  
I'm pretty sure this won't be our last visit to your house....or the pool!!!