Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Emerson's First Dance Recital - The Big Day

From the moment I found out I was having a little girl, I pictured her in a tutu.  I danced from the time I could walk until college and loved every minute of it, so it was only fitting that we enroll Emerson in dance classes.  From what I can tell, Emerson has really enjoyed her dance class and it's been great for her confidence, balance, musicality, rhythm, and overall well-being.  This past weekend was Emerson's first ever dance recital and I couldn't wait.  I was probably more excited than Emerson to see her costume and dance song posted in the studio back in January.  Her class was dancing to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (the Louis Armstrong version) from Cinderella, one of Emerson's favorite movies and my favorite song from the movie.  During all the festivities, pictures, in-studio rehearsal, dress rehearsal and all the glamming up, I had flashbacks of my own dance days and my excitement for Emerson mounted.

I hadn't even thought about being nervous for Emerson getting up in front of an audience.  She doesn't really have a track record of being afraid of a stage or a crowd but you never know.  Emerson's class was the third dance at the 4:00 pm show and by the beginning of the second dance, I had butterflies in my stomach and got super nervous for not only her but for me.  Would this be the performance my child would be the one standing on the stage stunned or even worse, sobbing. As the second performance ended, and the lights dimmed, I got so nervous and sick-to-my-stomach.  I could see my little line leader (a role she was super excited about having) walk out onto the stage in the pitch black darkness.   The lights came up and there were our three girls ready to perform.

Recital Day
Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Ready...
I couldn't resist pictures of her in her recital t-shirt, in curlers and even rain in boots!!
This picture has quickly become one of my all-time favorites of Emerson!!!
Check out the curls and the 'tude!!!

Dressed and ready to head to the recital.

A few pictures before heading into the auditorium to "check-in" Emerson for the recital.  
(all the young children were in a ballroom holding area with back-stage volunteers and for safety reasons had to be checked-in and checked-out.)

"Backstage" in the ballroom, reading books and waiting for their turn to dance

"During this performance there is no Flash Photography or Videography."  
Whoops!!  I'm not good at following the rules.  At least I didn't use my flash and I still bought the studio copy of the video :).  
(Video is at the bottom of this post)

The Curtain Call!!

Flowers for our sweet ballerina!!

Sweet Ballet Pals!!

After the show, we headed outside to get some pictures and then everyone gathered at Mimi and Birdie's house for some post-show pizza and dessert.
Love this picture of Emerson, Grammy and Papa!!
Can you see the sass in that step?
Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!!!!
Sissy was able to steal away from Greensboro, and take in the performance.  Emerson couldn't have been happier to see her Sissy!!!
She didn't want to leave and wanted to get back on stage!
...and she's OUT!!!  It was a long day and all the excitement and adrenaline took a crash landing on the way to Mimi's house!!

After a quick 15-minute nap, Emerson was revived and ready to go for a few more hours.  The first thing we did was change into her "slippery" pajamas and open a present from Mommy and Daddy.  Emerson was excited to get a Snow White Ballerina, Cinderella Ballerina and a tutu teddy bear!!

We couldn't be any prouder of Emerson.  I surely wouldn't want to get up in front of all those people right now and dance.  She constantly shows me she has no fear.  For her first performance I would say she nailed it, and more importantly, had a GREAT time doing it!!!  So without further adieu....the video of Emerson's First Dance Recital.  We can't wait to see what the years to come bring for our little ballerina!!
Emerson's First Dance Recital

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