Monday, June 6, 2011

Emerson's First Dance Recital - Dress Rehearsal

**I've split my recital posts into two separate posts; this one about the events leading up to the recital, and one, soon to follow (with video), about the big day!!  There were just too many pictures I wanted to include in both posts!!

This past weekend was Emerson's first EVER dance recital.  I was filled with excitement and joy leading up to the event.  We've attended dance class since last summer and then regularly this past year on Friday nights at 5:30.  There's been a lot of practice and events leading up to the big day.  Emerson's class had their official picture day on May 19, their in-studio rehearsal this past Tuesday on May 31st and their dress rehearsal at the theater this past Friday, June 3rd.  I instantly had flashbacks of my own childhood dance days with each passing event.  Emerson seemed to enjoy all the hoopla and didn't show any jitters leading up to the big day!!
Picture Day
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haegan spent the afternoon with us before picture day, 
so both girls watched a movie while their hair was curling.   

Dressed and ready for pictures...
Check out those eyelashes...amazing what mascara does to a three-year-old's lashes!!!
Two Peas in a Pod!!!
Silly Aurora!!!
All the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo girls!
(Aurora, Caroline, Emerson and Reagan)
Not so sure about the elastic around her chin...I agree, I wouldn't have liked that either.  
Typical me, this is how you will, more-than-likely, always find me.  
Love this shot of Kerry putting on Miss Haegan's make-up.
Waiting for her picture time. 
Waiting for their group picture

I don't have the official group and individual pictures back,
but I will surely post them when I get them.  

Dress Rehearsal
Friday, May 31, 2001

I picked Emerson up from school early on Friday afternoon so we could get home, roll her hair and then head to Raleigh for the dress rehearsal.  I just love pictures of Emerson with her hair in curlers, it completely reminds me of all my dance recitals and there are tons of pictures of me with my hair in curlers when I was younger...glad I'm getting some of Emerson!!
Dressed and ready for her rehearsal on stage.
I love this picture of Emerson.  Checking out the big girls doing their dance.  
Just love the intensity she is watching with!!
Aurora, Emerson, and Caroline take their 10 minutes on stage to go over their dance three times.
They all did such a great job and weren't scared at all of the dark, of the lighting, or of the audience.  They all put on their brave faces, rehearsed their dance, and it was over just like that.  They were ready for the big performance the next day and so were all the mommies!!!

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