Sunday, June 12, 2011


Now that dance is finished for the year, we are taking the summer off and trying our hand at gymnastics.  Last summer Emerson attended a birthday party for a classmate at a gymnastics facility.  She had a great time, so when Living Social featured the same gymnastics facility a few months ago with a five-class pass, I bought it in hopes of using it this summer.  Since Aurora and Emerson were dance buddies, it was only fitting they take gymnastics together, too.  This past Thursday was their first class.  Emerson had a great time, and did pretty well for not knowing what she was doing.  She was in awe of the "big girls" and the tumbling, balancing, flips, and other gymnastic(y) things they were doing.  We'll see how it goes for the next four classes and decide if it's something we want to pursue.  Here are some pictures from their first class.
First Gymnastics Class
June 9, 2011
The Crab Crawl
Shocker that my child is in the front of the line as the line-leader (ha!)!!!
The Balance Beam
Do we have the next Mary Lou Retton on our hands?
Somersault rotation and jump board!!
Reward Stamp!!!

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