Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Requires Words Wednesday: Emerson's Pregnancy

Saturday night during our Bon Voyage cook-out, the kids were all playing in the Herman's living room.  I was in the kitchen doing something and Stuart walked in, motioned to the living room and said, "Have you seen your daughter?"  Umm, no!  I hadn't seen her in awhile but wasn't worried....should I be?  I went to the  doorway of the living room and found this.....
Yeah, that's right!!  That's my daughter, lying on the Herman's coffee table, legs propped up, baby doll stuffed in her shirt and a blanket over her legs like she's getting ready to pop out the next Mattel doll.  Seriously?  Where in the world do kids learn this stuff.  I'm pretty sure the Disney channel isn't running reruns of birthing class videos and I know I don't let Emerson watch any shows that would ever teach you how a baby was born.  So how does she know you actually lie down to give birth?  Is it instinctive?  Whatever it is, it was a crazy sight to see.  I'm pretty sure I don't want to see my daughter in thirteen years being featured on MTV's 16 and Pregnant. The best part is Ivie was right there next to her playing nurse (see below)!!  And then of course it was her turn to hop on the table and Emerson was the nurse.  I realize little girls love to play Mommy, but who thought birthing would become an aspect of play.  If only they knew birthing the baby isn't that much fun!!!

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