Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emersonisms: Learning from her mistakes

July 4th was a pretty lazy day in the Dever household.  I'm not sure Emerson and I changed out of our pajamas all day, and Danny only did because he had to catch a 7:00 pm flight to Jacksonville.  We did a few projects around the house and I tried to find things to keep Emerson busy so boredom wouldn't set in.  One of the activities she worked on was cutting.  In Emerson's pre-school class last year, her teacher, Mrs. Tara would attach paper on an easel, draw varying lines and have the kids use safety scissors to cut the paper.  I thought this would be a fun afternoon activity since she hadn't practiced cutting paper in awhile.
Emerson completed the cutting project and moved onto something else.  I think she was occupied with coloring on the dry erase board while I was focusing on the computer and birthday planning; Danny was in our room packing for his trip.  At some point, I heard the words (in a soft, stunned voice), "Mommy, I just cut my hair."  My heart instantly sank and then began to beat really fast.  I immediately jumped up from the computer and was in a squatting position next to Emerson in record time. "Oh no, Emerson, what did you do?" is what came out of my mouth, while "Oh Dear Lord please let her have only cut off a few pieces and please let it not be near her face.  I really don't want to take her to my $80.00 per haircut hairdresser to fix bad bangs!!" went through my mind.  And then I saw the clump of hair lying on the floor and Emerson pointed to the back of her head.  Whew, at least it wasn't bangs, but it was a CLUMP of hair and a very blunt cut.  Emerson knew she had done something wrong and I could tell this was going to be a time where good parenting and learning needed to come in.  No reason to get upset with her, she had scolded herself enough internally.  
The Not-So-Safety Scissors

The infamous CLUMP
By then Danny made out of our room and we were all sitting on the floor, well Emerson was sitting in my lap, her head burrowed in my chest (as I was inspecting the damage).  Danny told Emerson a story about when he was five years old; he also cut his hair - right on the front of his head - the day before his dad was supposed to come into his class and cut his hair in front of the class.  They were learning about the letter H!!  From the story he told, Papa (a barber at the time) was not very happy.  After hearing this story Emerson was a bit scared she might get in trouble, too.  We explained to her that you learn from your mistakes and this was certainly a learning experience, and while we weren't mad, we wanted her to understand that she made a mistake.  

Quick side note: As Danny went to pick up the hair and throw it away, I screamed out, "Don't touch that; I have to write a blog about this and need a picture!!"  (you know you blog too much when....)

Here are some pictures of the infamous haircut: 
(right after the cut and not blended in with the rest of her hair at all)

Learning lessons and teaching moments
(I promise, one day you'll see our bed actually made!!)

Love this silhouette shot!

So sad about her "mistake".....
...but a big hug from Daddy makes it all better!!
The next morning, Emerson woke up and immediately asked if her hair had grown back yet.   Unfortunately, no magical fairy came in the middle of the night and waived her magic wand to make her hair grow back.  A few days later, I was telling my mom about the whole hair incident and she asked Emerson, "Have you told your Papa yet?".   To which Emerson replied, "No, Mimi, and I'm not going to, it's a secret."  Emerson does not want her Papa to know so Danny and I have been sworn to secrecy.  Little does she know I'm writing a blog about it.  One day she'll appreciate it, but for now, I will continue letting her believe I'm keeping her secret.  She's still upset about it.  The good thing about the whole incident, Emerson did a pretty good job layering one side of her hair and it blends in pretty well, especially after it was washed.  Papa, maybe one day she'll follow in your footsteps; or maybe she traumatized herself enough not to ever cut hair again!!

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