Sunday, July 24, 2011


On Sunday, July 3rd (yes, I'm terribly behind in blogging), we headed over to our friend's, The Seagroves, house for a group kickball tournament.  It was REALLY hot that afternoon, and so humid you felt like you could cut the air with a knife.  But, we powered through it to enjoy a great afternoon of friends, kickball, food, beverages, and fun.  I opted out of playing, and instead, was the official photographer for the are some of the pictures from the day's activities.
Danny and Emerson were the first ones up "at kick".
Emerson played soccer down the first base line for her first kick!!
She quickly got the hang of it and ran to second, and then third, 
as her Daddy rounded first.
Some of the great kicking action shots from the day!!
The other teams waiting their turns in the bracket line-up.
Some more great action shots from the day.....
Cody and Amy, on opposite teams, but sharing some time on the field together!!
Emerson scoring a run for her team!!
A much needed break, Emerson opted for a Capri-Sun......
......and Samantha chose Capri-Sun and watermelon.  
Love this series of Emerson and her Daddy, she absolutely adores him!!
Oops, some of us certainly broke this rule!!
Teddy was quick to figure out how to multi-task and impressed us with his skills of catching the ball with a beer in his hand!!
Lindsey and Samantha, so sweet!!
Absolutely love this picture of Mary's mom, Mrs. Rice!!  I can only hope I am this cool and energetic when I am her age!!
Colin and Allison, love this picture of them.  So cute!!
Emerson brought her spray bottle with her and used it wherever she got the opportunity.  It came in very handy and everyone was happy to have her spray them!!!  Did I mention it was HOT!!!
Back to the field, but this time she was playing third base with her Daddy.....ahem, playing and drawing in the sand.  What can we say, she's got her priorities!
When it was time for Colin's kick, Emerson moved to the outfield!!!
Mrs. Judi was so excited to catch a ball!!!
Another quick water break before her last "at kick"!!
 She made it to third base and scored another run for her team...the "no out" rule for the kids made it a bit easier for her to get those points!!
Allison, our MVP of the day.  Y'all, she literally hopped a fence in flip-flops to get a foul ball.  
Some bubble and parachute fun before headed back 
to the Seagroves for a pot-luck dinner!! 
Coach Haase's little boy was a great subject for some great shots!!
 You can't have a pre-4th of July pot-luck without a little sparkler action.  
A big THANK YOU goes out to the Seagroves family for hosting and organizing such a fun evening.  Maybe we should make it an annual tradition!!

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