Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movin' on up!!!

On Tuesday, July 5th, Emerson moved up from the three-year-old classroom to the four-year-old classroom at daycare.  Emerson had three great teachers in the three's class; Ms. Devona, Ms. Colleen, and Ms. Nina. Emerson had recently fallen in love with Ms. Nina, so she was sad to be leaving her class, but very excited to be reunited with some of her favorite classmates who had moved up before her.  She was also excited to be in Ivie's class for her remaining two months before she heads off to kindergarten. Emerson has never been a clingy child and is so well adjusted when it comes to new environments, she just rolls with the punches.  We had no crying over a new classroom and no clinging to my leg.  The move up was probably harder on me than it was on her.  I just can't believe this is her last class, last year at daycare before she heads off to kindergarten herself (tear).  Emerson, you're growing up way too fast; you can stop anytime!!!
Ms. Devona
Ms. Colleen
Ms. Nina
In her new classroom and ready to color.  
Emerson's new teacher, Mrs. Brenda.

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