Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Mimi's Shower

Emerson's taken a couple of showers with me in our stand-up shower and for-the-most-part she liked it.  She's still a little timid about the water flowing down over her face, so we don't shower often and opt for baths most nights.  On Monday after swim lessons, we stopped by my parents to have dinner (my mom was nice enough to make dinner for us since Danny is out of town and swim lessons run late).  After dinner, Emerson hopped in the bathtub for some bath fun but afterwards we needed to wash off soapy residue.  Mimi asked Emerson to get in her shower so we could wash her off, Emerson was not excited but I picked her up and put her in.  After a few minutes in the shower, playing with the shower massager, she exclaimed, "Mimi's shower isn't so bad after all!!"  Danny I think when you get home, you'll probably be installing a shower massager in our shower!!
(Cell phone pictures courtesy of Mimi)

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