Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dishes | Frozen Banana Bites

Emerson loves bananas, but last week during a breakfast before school she only ate 1/4 of her banana.  I had recently seen frozen banana bites all over Pinterest.  So after taking Emerson to school, I came back and tried my hand at making this super simple recipe with the rest of Emerson's banana.  Emerson was so excited about her yummy treat when she got home from school and I knew we would be making these treats a lot.

So Sunday afternoon, after I got home from my girl's weekend in Charlotte, I thought it might be fun for Emerson and me to make some more frozen banana bites with some very ripe bananas.

Thanks to my mom (and her Pinterest obsession) for this cute idea to personalize a banana. 
 She knows I love a good monogram!!

Chocolate and peanut butter are keys to this recipe.  I used two blocks of Candiquik (we had it leftover from another school treat project) and one tablespoon of low fat peanut butter (another on-hand item in the pantry).

While I heated the chocolate/peanut butter mixture in the microwave, Emerson licked the peanut butter spoon;  Her favorite part!!  

I was hesitant about letting Emerson cut up the banana, but I gave her the dullest knife we had and let her go to town.  She did a great job cutting them into bite-sized slices.  

She then mixed up the chocolate/peanut butter combo until it was silky and smooth.  

We then covered the banana slices with the chocolate mixture, placed them on a plate lined with  freezer paper, and put them in the freezer for a few hours to, well, freeze!!  

I can certainly say, these little treats are the Devers new favorite chocolate snack (at least mine and Emerson's).  They are perfect when you have that small chocolate craving at night.  You can eat one or two and not feel SOOO guilty.  
We're bananas for banana bites!!!

(sorry, not my prettiest work but they sure taste good)

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  1. These are so good! I've made them with plain dark chocolate before and covered them in peanuts and they were also really good.