Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Emersonisms: Lunchables

Tonight, as Emerson was eating her Lunchables (Yeah, I know I'm winning mom-of-the-year for that one.  But really, when your child will eat the entire thing, when on most night she will only eat three bites, then a Lunchables occasionally, especially when she asks for it, is fine.  Right?).  Anyways back to the story, tonight when Emerson was eating her Lunchables, the following conversation ensued:

Emerson: I don't want my cheese.  (as she puts a piece in her mouth)
Me: You don't?  That's the best part.
Danny: I like the crackers, they're my favorite
Emerson: You wanna know my favorite part, Daddy?
Danny: What's your favorite part?
Emerson: The pudding!!

Smart Girl!!  She's definitely her mother's child and gets her love of chocolate from me.

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