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Facebook | June, 2011

A few months ago, my friend Amy started a series on her blog called Facebook.  A place where she could share the past months status updates and happenings.  I thought this was a great idea (especially since technology is so rampant these days), so with her permission, I am copying her idea.  I love the concept of adding all my posts, my friends comments, and the pictures I post on Facebook finally ending up on this blog for Emerson to read one day (they're usually about her anyways, right?).  I'm even going to include Danny's posts (good thing he isn't a huge Facebooker).  One of my favorite parts of Facebook is comments.  I love to see how friends and family react to status updates and pictures, so you might occasionally see the comments from my friends and family, especially the ones I want Emerson to remember.  I think it's great that even though miles away, we can still communicate with people on a minute-by-minute basis. Enjoy!!!


June 1 | 8:14 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
I just saw a HUGE deer in my backyard, weird to see them in the summer. Last week it was a big red fox and this past weekend the eggs in our bird nest finally hatched. We are surrounded by wildlife!!
June 2 | all day
Wonderful, wonderful birthday wishes from great Facebook friends!!!

June 2 | 9:23 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
Birthday dinner at Mimi and Birdie's house and one very excited toddler blowing out my candles. Thanks for dinner and presents, Mimi and Birdie!!!

June 2 | 10:06 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
Thanks to everyone for all the birthday sure know how to make a gal feel special!!! XOXO

June 3 | 10:04 am
Brooke Bandy Dever
Zulily is killing me today...I'll take one of each, please!!!!

June 4 | 12:27 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
Recital Day!!!!

June 5 | 8:12 am
Brooke Bandy Dever
Happy Birthday to the best Mom EVER!!!! Hope you have a great day Wanda!!

June 5 
Changed my profile picture:
June 5 | 3:23 pm
Danny Dever
Hitting some golf balls. — with Alan Bandy at Chapel Hill Country Club.

June 5 | 8:11 pm 
Ann Johnson
So I'm living the life of having a little girl vicariously through you, so I'm going to need to see some pictures of a dance recital pretty soon! :)

June 6 | 8:42
Danny Dever - Wall Photos
June 6 | 9:45 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
For all those who wanted to see recital is the first post of two. The other will be posted tomorrow!!! Enjoy!

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    • Pam Angle Varela Brooke! She is so so gorgeous and those pics are priceless.
      June 6 at 9:51pm · 

    • Laura Hulett Byrth Cute!!!
      June 6 at 9:51pm · 

    • Ann Johnson Adorable!!!!
      June 6 at 9:51pm · 

    • Monica Anne Malboeuf Love all the pictures. Emerson is too cute!
      June 6 at 9:59pm · 

    • Sherri Smith So cute!! Brings back wonderful memories....
      June 7 at 8:36am · 

    • Betsy Cantrell They are all adorable!
      June 7 at 9:47am · 

    • Bridget Percival Bredal Emerson is so pretty!
      June 7 at 9:49pm · 

    • Brooke Bandy Dever Thanks to all of you!!
      June 7 at 10:04pm · 

    • Patsy Cashion Pictures are great! she looks soo much like you!
      June 8 at 7:36am · 
June 8 | 1:22 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
Back from Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents, P.A. and it looks like strep has struck Emerson....praying I'm not next!!

June 8 | 7:22 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
so far behind in my pinning; need to get back to my obsession!!!

June 8 | 9:19 pm
More pictures of the recital and VIDEO!!! Enjoy!!

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    • Colleen McHugh I love the rainboots!
      June 8 at 9:34pm · 

    • Kathleen Sullivan Harrell Great pictures and video - they did so good!!
      June 8 at 9:34pm · 

    • Monica Anne Malboeuf Very proud of Emerson! She did great and looked beautiful .
      June 8 at 10:30pm · 

    • Betsy Cantrell What a great video!! Loved watching this - such a talented mother and daughter!!
      June 11 at 12:54pm · 

June 9 | Danny changed his profile picture
June 10 | 2:35 pm
Seeing Hangover 2 - hope it's funny.

June 10 | 9:40 pm
Just experienced my first flash mob at West 94th St. Pub. Everyone did a great job and it was for a great cause!! Good luck at the race tomorrow Pink Pubsters!!! Thanks for organizing Kerry D. Bonner-Bryant, your energy never ceases to amaze me!!
June 11 | 9:07 am
June 11 | 9:40 pm
Any locals want to play golf at 8:30 in the husband needs a 4th?

June 11 | 10:02 pm
Danny Dever
Let's finish this Diamond Heels.

June 11 | 10:13  pm
Danny Dever
Way to go Heels. Omaha bound.

June 12 | 12:54 pm
Danny Dever
Great Day for Golf!!
June 12 | 2:18 pm
OMH.....oh my hot!!!!!

June 12 | 4:54 pm
This past week's gymnastics class....

June 14 | 8:48 am
I think I officially lost my cell phone.....

June 15 | 10:09 am
Can't believe it....I just found my phone!!!

June 15 | 5:50 pm
Thanks to Heba and Edwin (Ed) for a great afternoon at the pool on Sunday!!!
June 15 | 7:58 pm
Danny Dever
Beautiful Day in NC!!
June 16 | 7:44 pm
Does anyone know where the "whine" off button is on the 2007 toddler model!
    • Christy Dolinger McNeal, Summer Craze Fowler, Sarah Hope Tyson, Angela Valvanis Keefer, Erin Pearson Ceder, Christy Dolinger McNeal, Jennie Foarde Faurote, Angie Oaks Jones, Holly Toms Dedmond, and Katie Biasi like this.

      • Lisa Leary Blair I think the 2006 and 2007 models came without that button :(
        June 16 at 7:45pm · 

      • Ann Johnson Mine apparently doesn't have that button either.
        June 16 at 8:10pm · 

      • Sylvia Martin Lillquist I was gonna say the button must have been broken on 2003 and 2004 models also!
        June 16 at 8:24pm · 

      • Joey Fox It is right next to the "talking back" off button on the 2006 model!
        June 16 at 9:01pm · 

      • Jennie Foarde Faurote Ugh, no clue, but if you find it let me know!
        June 16 at 9:13pm · 

      • Brooke Bandy Dever Joey...I looked and couldn't find the "talking back" button either, damn manufacturers!!
        June 16 at 9:20pm · 

      • Joey Fox I know, can't get good manufacturers these days can you? :-)
        June 16 at 9:21pm · 

      • Ann Johnson On the 2004 model there doesn't seem to be a "stop peeing on the floor and put the toilet seat down" button.
        June 16 at 9:22pm · 

      • Brooke Bandy Dever Ann you had to pay extra for that!!!
        June 16 at 9:23pm · 

      • Ann Johnson I think my problem must be specific to the blue model. I don't think that the pink models have the same problems.
        June 16 at 9:25pm · 

      • Brooke Bandy Dever consumer reports states that both models have problems they each have different problems.
        June 16 at 9:28pm ·  ·  1 person

      • Alice Hamlet Just turn on your *wine* button and you'll be fine !
        June 16 at 9:50pm ·  ·  1 person

      • Mary Farley Swartz I was trying to trade my 2007 model this week for the same whining malfunction. My 2009 model is putting the whiner in time out for me! : )
        June 16 at 10:51pm · 

      • Sherri Smith Has there ever been one?
        June 17 at 7:29am · 

      • Zina Stevens Wormley Great to know it's not just my 2007 model! I thought my 2009 model would solve this defect, but it turns out that one has a "meltdown" malfunction that happens at least 3 times a day!
        June 17 at 7:29am · 
June 18 | Danny changed his profile picture
June 18 | 2:05 pm
Let's go Heels!!!!

June 19 | 7:09 am
Happy Father's Day to all my daddy friends out there....I hope you all have a fabulous day. A very special Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad Alan Bandyand to my hubby, a wonderful dad himself, Danny Dever!!!

June 19 | 8:49 am
Danny Dever
Happy Fathers Day to all of you dad's out there. Thanks Dad for all you have done over the years.

June 20 | 10:04 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
Can't wait to pick out all the fun clothes for fall...such cute stuff!!!

June 23 | 8:18 pm

A note about the three's!!!
June 26 | 12:07 pm
A much needed haircut!!!
June 26 | 2:14 pm

Another great day for golf!!!
June 27 | 8:51 am
Here's my entry for the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge this week!!!
June 28 | 7:38 pm
A Bon Voyage cook-out for our friends the Cherrys (Stuart Mintz Cherry)....we're gonna miss y'all!!!!
June 29 | 5:54 pm
who knew playing babies, meant actually giving birth to them???

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    • Melanie Hearp Morrison love this one!
      June 29 at 5:59pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Christy Bray  Oh. My. God.
      June 29 at 6:06pm · 

    • Katie Stewart Woah. Maybe she is trying to tell you something? Time for a little sister or brother!!!
      June 29 at 6:14pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Heba Salama THAT is funny.
      June 29 at 6:25pm · 

    • Christy Bray  I second Katie! ;)
      June 29 at 6:44pm · 

    • Betsy Cantrell Having kind of a bummer day until I read this - Emerson always makes me laugh!!
      June 29 at 6:47pm · 

    • Wanda Bandy Too Funny!!! What is the list in her right hand?
      June 29 at 7:09pm · 

    • Gretchen Swartzlander She's awesome :)
      June 29 at 7:33pm · 

    • Mendy Powell Fischer Oh my!
      June 29 at 8:05pm · 

    • Brooke Bandy Dever All: She's a complete mess and her imagination is endless, but this takes the cake!!!
      June 29 at 9:11pm ·  ·  1 person
June 29 | 8:08 pm
Brooke Bandy Dever
For those who wanted to see Emerson's shorter hair!!!
June 29 | 9:09 pm
for you Wanda and Alan......Amy, we've had a lot snake encounters!!

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