Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Eye Doctor

About a year-and-a-half ago, Emerson was diagnosed with Strabismus.  In short, her right eye wanders out at times because her muscle control in that eye isn't as good as in the other eye.  It really isn't noticeable on Emerson, unless she's in extreme sunlight, she's really tired, or sometimes it happens when she is focusing on objects.  When it happens, she usually closes or squints her right eye.  We've been seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist for her condition and watching it to make sure it doesn't get worse.  We wanted to make sure she wasn't losing any vision and her depth perception wasn't weakening.  At this point, Emerson is controlling her eye on her own and does a great job at bringing it back-in by herself when it wanders.  Her doctor is optimistic she will not need glasses and will not need corrective surgery, but we need to keep watching her, as it can become worse with age.  We see her eye doctor every six months, and since I had never documented it before on the blog, I took my camera along last Thursday (9/22) for our appointment.

Checking her vision.
Her doctor's office uses monitors with images and/or letters to test the vision of their pediatric patients.  Until now Emerson had to recognize and say images, but Thursday was her first appointment using letter recognition (let's see if preschool paid off).  The letter test on a monitor is much harder and much more accurate at measuring vision.  Emerson had to look at the letter housed within a small box on the monitor and then pick it out on the board she was holding.  The orthoptist first tested her using both eyes and then she patched one eye at a time and completed the test.  Emerson passed with flying colors and 20/20 vision...good thing she knows her letters!!

Next the orthoptist used a prism bar to measure Emerson's muscle control, or occular deviation (as stated on the website I used to look up the prism bar).

Then it was time for Emerson's favorite eye doctor game; wearing 3-D glasses and pointing to the bugs jumping out at her.  The orthoptist uses the special glasses and the special 3-D book to test Emerson's depth perception.

Eye Dilation
After all the tests, it was time to get her eyes dilated.  Emerson did a great job getting numbing drops and dilating drops put in each eye.  Her reward from the nurse was a solid 20 minutes of play while her eyes took their time to dilate.

Dilated pupils! 
Hard to tell since her eyes are so dark brown in the first place.  

The special sunglasses you get to wear home from the doctor after eye dilation.  
We've had such a great experience at the eye doctor and get really good care.  It might have something to do with Grammy working there and every nurse, doctor and orthoptist get weekly reports and picture showings of Emerson by Grammy.  I know it makes Emerson much more at ease to walk in and have everyone know so much about her and treat her like they already know her.  How could they resist that cute little patient?!?!?

Wordless Wednesday: First Family 5K

This past Saturday Emerson, Danny, Auntie Di, Uncle Ed, and I all participated in our first family 5K.  Danny and Ed ran with Emerson and Diane and  I walk/ran.  I see many more 5K events in our families future....actually really soon, we have one October 22nd!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Headshot

My recent headshot for NewClients new software integration in December.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Tar Heel Outing!!

Last Saturday (9/3/11) was the start of football season here.  Wow, did I have two very excited people on my hands.  Danny loves football, so he has been ready since it ended last fall and Emerson loves to go see the Tar Heels play and join in the "TAR" "HEEL" chant.  The Hermans weren't going to be sitting in their seats for the first game, so they were very generous and gave us their tickets so my parents could sit with us (for those of you that don't know, the Hermans and the Devers have season tickets next to each other).  I couldn't believe we actually got my mom to agree to go to the game.  She swore off all sporting events with my dad a LONG time ago (he had, and sometimes still has, a very intense love of the game, especially when it comes to Tar Heel basketball!! - wink, wink).   But since Emerson was going, she was happy to tag along.  We headed out early that afternoon to take in Tar Heel Town and the Marching Tar Heels, then headed to our seats for the 3:30 pm kick-off.  It was a great day for a football game and the Tar Heels came out with a win!!  I took my camera with me (shocker, I know) to get some pictures.  I love our family outings to the game and I just love the smile it brings to Emerson and Danny.

It's always fun to run into friends at Tar Heel Town.  Raegan was super excited to see Emerson and the feeling was mutual.  They had a great time in both the bounce slide and the bounce obstacle course.

The Marching Tar Heels practice before the game.

The Bell Tower

We also ran into the Kidd Family.  Caroline, Gracie, and Emerson all got their faces painted at the GAA tent.  Emerson opted for the the Tar Heel foot and Caroline chose the Ram.

After face painting we had the opportunity to meet the "real" Ramses.  Emerson wasn't quite comfortable next to him for the first few pictures, but she slowly warmed up.

You can't go to a football game without popcorn, at least not in Emerson's eyes.  

Using Birdie's "Bi-knockers"...

The Marching Tar Heels

Here come the Tar Heels!!

She loves her Daddy!!

An impromptu photo shoot at the Bell Tower as we were leaving the game.  

Go Heels!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Tailgate Cuties!!

...thanks for the cute picture Jen Gwaltney!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birdie's Golf Clinic

As many of you know Birdie (my dad) is a golf pro and I grew up around golf my entire life, that's what happens when your dad's hobby becomes his profession.  My dad would tell anyone that, had I dedicated a bit more time to practicing, I would have been a pretty good golfer.  Not sure if that's the truth, or just a dad talking.  I, instead, opted for five-days-a-week in a dance studio practicing ballet, tap, jazz, and competitive dance.  I was petrified of competitive golf, something about being out there all by yourself with the pressure all on you.  Get up and dance in front of hundreds of people, no a golf ball off a tee, while on-lookers critique your every swing, no thank you.  I even had a superstition about driving off the first tee.  I would never drive off the first tee because I didn't want the bag boys might have had something to do with the fact that they were cute, teen aged bag boys!!  I played golf on-and-off throughout high school and sometimes in college.  Although less during college because I couldn't play for free when I wasn't in Chapel Hill.  I took golf back up before I got pregnant with Emerson and really enjoyed spending good, quality time with Danny.  A few of us girls from the Admissions Office even took lessons one summer.  I got some new clubs and had the bug again, but then little Miss Priss started growing and my big prego belly wasn't the best tool when it came to a steady, balanced swing.  Sad-to-say, I'm not sure I've picked up a club since before she was born.  I do love golf and I'm hoping it can be something Danny and I can start to enjoy again together.

Anyway, Emerson has shown an early interest in golf, something Danny and my dad are ecstatic about.
Two weeks ago, my dad called and asked me if Emerson wanted to join his Friday golf clinic for the month of September.  He had an open spot and thought she might really enjoy it.  Because our afternoons aren't filled up enough with dance, soccer, and swim lessons...we agreed, besides it was only four Fridays.  So, last Friday (9/2/11) was Emerson's first lesson and she had a blast.  Being the helicopter mom I'm sure I'll end up being (or already am), I tagged along to take some pictures.

One of my absolute favorites from the day!!

The very cool clubs and accessories provided by SNAG Golf (Starting New At Golf).  These are really neat teaching tools for young golfers.

Waiting patiently for class to start.

A few rules before we begin.

The Teacher...pretty sure Emerson is the Teacher's Pet!!

Station instruction and showing how to correctly hit the ball.

What do I do with this thing?

This looks more like how Daddy and Birdie hold the club.

Still trying to figure out the grip.

Finally making some contact with the ball.

Birdie helping out his favorite student.

Trying her hand at putting.  Her grip still needs some work, but Birdie tells me contact with the ball is first; the grip comes second.

The class was for 4 - 7 year-olds and some of the older kids were hitting real clubs and golf balls with Mrs. Sally, the former UNC Women's Golf Coach and my dad's assistant for this clinic.  Emerson didn't want to miss out on the action, so she quickly weaseled her way out of SNAG golf practice and into "real" golf practice.

I can see it now....future LPGA Champion!!  (We can only hope!!)

Emerson was enthralled with the water cooler and cone cups.

Double-fisting her cone cup and her water bottle.

Not sure if we have the next Michelle Wie on our hands but if not, at least it's an activity the whole family can enjoy.  I see many family golf outings in our future!!