Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Heart Faces | Let Them Be Little

This week's I Heart Faces challenge is all about the little ones.  I came across this picture and it was perfect.  I loved this age and said many times, "Can I just give her a shot, so she can stay this size forever."  This was Emerson's first ballet class (you can read the original post here).  And while I was so excited for her to start classes, she was a bit scared and timid at first.  Okay, maybe more than "a bit"....there were some tears, but that's only because I couldn't go in the room with her.  She held stuffed animal, given to her by the teacher, as tight as she could.  But what a brave girl she turned out to be, she made it through the entire class and is now in her second year of dance.  I will never forget this age, though, and that first dance class!!

Hope on over to this week's challenge to see what others are saying about their little ones!!

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