Saturday, October 22, 2011

NC State Fair, 2011

Last Friday, we headed back for our annual trip to the NC State Fair with the Herman clan.  We were excited because Nina and Papa (Amy's parents) were in town and they got to take in all the goodness of the fair with us.  It was a beautiful fall day; we couldn't have asked for better weather.  As always, we had a blast!!!  Emerson is definitely a fair-ride rider.  She loves anything that moves and goes fast and wants to ride it 100 times.  We didn't experiment with any new foods and I still didn't find the fried cookie dough I was looking for last year, so I opted for no fried food.  We walked around, checked out the livestock, checked out the fair-goers (almost as fun to watch as the livestock), rode a ton of rides, had some snacks and just enjoyed the day. We did talk the Hermans into letting us keep Ivie an hour-or-so later, while they went to pick up Bryce from school.  Emerson had a blast riding the rides with Ivie and going up "oh so high" on the Ferris Wheel.  It was another successful trip to the fair....I wish we could make it back this weekend!!  Oh well, until next year.....
Ready for a day at the fair!

Emerson loved the Bungee Bounce!!!

Last year's favorite ride was the Dragon Wagon, so we had to ride that a few times.  

The swings with the Herman girls (and guy)!!

....told you we rode it a few times!


Back to the Bungee Bounce....pretty sure this will be the new favorite "ride".  Emerson had so much fun that I had to get it on video.  Thanks to Danny's Iphone for making it so convenient   

Emerson and the Bungee Bounce!!

Ivie had a great time on the Bungee Bounce, too!!

A kiddie boat ride!

A "Magical" Clown

A new Disney-like feature...this crazy robot, blaring music was strolling around the fair. 

Watching the ponies in their competition.

Besties!! Love the hand holding!

Loving the Hot Air Balloon ride...and killing time while Danny waited in line for us.

The Ferris Wheel....they had talked about it all afternoon and it didn't disappoint.  
They also didn't mind the 10 stops it took to get to the top.

The view from the top of the Ferris Wheel.

The Silver Streak, some of you may remember our first experience with one of these rides during our outing in Florida.  Emerson saw this and immediately HAD to ride it.  

The Worm Roller Coaster - not the official name but I can't remember what it was. 
 Another fun ride that both girls loved!!!  

Waiting in line for the Hamster Dance....aren't they just the cutest!!

We let the girls try their hand at this ride.  We saw it last year, but thought they may be too young.  And to be honest, they were probably still too young (at least to make the float roll properly), but they had a great time and that's all that matters!

On our way out, Danny got duped into getting this guy to guess the girls' birthdays.  He had to be within two months for them to get a prize.  Emerson was first and he guessed October.  WRONG!  So Emerson got to pick out a prize...go figure it was the loudest one they had!  Next up Ivie (her birthday is in April) and he guessed February.  So she didn't win and got a consolation prize of Mardis Gras beads.  Danny felt bad,  so for another $3.00 he had the guy guess his weight.  (No way was he guessing my age or weight, Danny took one for the team!)  He was way off (in Danny's favor), so Danny was stoked to spend that extra $3.00.  Ivie picked out a Carolina Blue-ish tiger, lucky for her parents and Bryce, it was a silent toy!!

We couldn't leave without some ice cream...both girls had huge cups of ice cream on our way out.  

Another great trip....I already want to go back.  Next year can't get here fast enough.  
I love FALL!!!

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