Friday, October 21, 2011

The Sleepover That (Kinda) Wasn't

After the Carolina game on Saturday (10/8), Emerson hosted a sleepover for Haegan and Ivie.  She was so excited to have two of her best friends over for some fun.  The evening started out great, Emerson and Haegan ate pizza at our house and Ivie came over after dinner at her house.  After a quick bath for Emerson, we got the bed "sleep-ready".  The girls made a game out of taking ALL of Emerson's stuffed animals off her bed.  Haegan would throw them to Emerson, then Emerson would throw them to Ivie, who would then neatly put them in the chair.  We then got each girls' sleeping spot ready on Emerson's bed with their pillow, blanket and designated three stuffed animals each.  After the game, it was time for the movie!  Donning their pajamas, and armed with popcorn and water-filled sippy cups, they all piled into my bed to watch the movie "Rio".  It was a solid hour-and-a-half of quiet for me, except for the request for a second round of popcorn and water.  Haegan stated about halfway through the movie that she wanted her mom.  I didn't think much of it, and thought I had comforted her enough to not think about "home" again.  I was wrong.

The Stuffed Animal Game

Everyone's spot on the bed.....ready for sweet dreams!!

Enjoying the movie and the popcorn!!

Hogan protecting all the girls, 
or just waiting for the popcorn to drop!!

When it was time to go to bed, all the girls were eager to jump in Emerson's bed, snuggle and giggle.  We had to make a few adjustments to the room before they felt totally comfortable to fall asleep.  Emerson sleeps with a sound machine and no night-light (yes, the pitch black darkness).  Ivie sleeps with a sound machine and a night-light.  Haegan sleeps with no sound machine and a night-light.  So we set-up the night-light in one plug on the wall, but that cast some eerie shadows.  We moved the night-light to the other wall, but then I knew it was too bright for Emerson.  So, I switched Ivie and Emerson in the bed (not without some grumblings from Emerson).  While all of this was going on, I could see the fear just sweep across Haegan's face.  I believe this was her first sleepover and I could tell, going to sleep was going to be a problem.  I tried to turn the lights out once and let the girls fall asleep, but I wasn't out of the room 5 minutes before I heard, "Miss Brooke!".  So off I went to soothe and comfort, but Haegan was beyond that.  Immediately when I walked in the room, she got the look of sad eyes and the cry quivering chin..."I want my mommy!" I didn't even try to talk her out of it, well maybe once, but I knew she wanted her mom.  And if Emerson wanted me, I would want to come get her.  Oddly enough, Kerry had texted me during this entire situation and said, "Call our home number if you need me tonight!"  I called her about 5 minutes after the text....her response, "Already!  Alright, I'll get my clothes on and come on over."

Once the girls knew Haegan was going home for good, the waterworks started.  First Ivie broke out into her cry and then Emerson quickly followed, both of them in full-on ugly cry.  I got them calmed down and then got Haegan out of the room so the other two girls could try to get some sleep.  I rubbed Ivie's back for a few minutes and she fell asleep pretty easily.  Then I went to Emerson's side of the bed and she was still pretty worked up about Haegan leaving, so I moved her to my bed and let her try to sleep there for a bit.

Kerry got to our house around 9:30 to pick Haegan up.  Hopefully, Haegan got a great night of rest with her Mommy.  After Haegan left, I went to check on Emerson and we had a heart-to-heart about friends, sleepovers, feelings, etc.  She understood that Ivie was still here for the sleepover, so it might be good to go back to bed and sleep with her. Especially because when Ivie woke up in the morning they could play and giggle in bed.  Emerson obliged and went back to bed.  She fell asleep shortly thereafter.

So, needless-to-say, it was a somewhat successful sleepover.  My goal was to have them in bed and asleep by 9:30.  I had one asleep, one on her way home and one asleep but in my bed by 9:30....not horrible (I guess)!!!  We hate that Haegan had to go home and hope to have her over again for another play-date....maybe during the day, so she doesn't have to be afraid of spending the night.

How I found the girls around 11:30!!  So Sweet!!

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