Friday, October 21, 2011

Wiggly What?

Emerson had her six-month check-up with her dentist last Monday (10/10).  She was very excited to see Dr. John.  As I'm sitting watching the hygienist clean her teeth, she says, "Oh, you've got two wiggly front teeth!!"  What???  Say that again, please!!  She confirmed and showed me two wiggly front teeth.  There is no way I have a child old enough to have two wiggly teeth.  Although, they are far from being wiggly enough to fall out yet, the hygienist did say that they are on their way and it will just depend on Emerson.  If she finds them and messes with them a lot, then they will fall out faster, but if she never messes with them, they will stay in for much longer.  I don't think she's found them yet and therefore isn't playing with them.  In all other tooth news, we got an A++ for cleaning and a perfect report from Dr. John.  Let's just hope those teeth stay in a bit longer....I'm not sure I am ready for a snaggle-tooth kid in all my pictures or a visit from the Tooth Fairy quite yet!!!

(sorry for the horrible pictures, they were taken with my phone)

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