Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: He's BA-ACK.....

Riddle, our elf, will make his first appearance tomorrow morning in the Dever household.  I don't believe in starting his daily visits until the first day of December. Like last year, I will document all the fun places he hides each morning and post them toward the end of December.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Halloween, 2011

We were so happy to have the Hermans back this year to trick-or-treat with us.  Last year we ventured to Chancellor's Ridge neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat with the Giovanellos (while the Hermans spent Halloween in Missouri with family).  We were eager to go back to the neighborhood and add the Herman clan.  As a parent, I've learned plans don't always go as expected.  Unfortunately the night started out quite dreary with a cold rain.  Bryce wasn't really happy about his puppy dog costume and the rain wasn't adding any cheer to the situation.  Amy decided to stay home with Bryce, while Dale and the girls joined Danny and me for some trick-or-treating....we were all bummed Amy and Bryce couldn't join us.  Her absence also left me with full responsibility of pictures for the evening.  Night pictures are always a challenge, but I did my best to capture the girl's excitement that night.  Emerson and Ivie certainly got what trick-or-treating was all about and Macie, while understanding, just tried to keep up with bigger girls.

The loot we left on our doorstep for any trick-or-treaters that visited our house.

Emerson got first dibs!!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Not-So-Big, Not-So-Bad, Wolf!!

Little Red Riding Hood
(A big thanks goes out to Emerson's classmate Melania (and her mom, Rebecca) for allowing us to borrow Melania's costume from last year.  It fit perfectly and solved our costume debate that went on for weeks.  And it meant I didn't have to purchase a costume, Sweet!!)

The ONLY good picture of the four of them...and saying "good" would be a stretch.

The game plan was to follow each other to Chancellor's Ridge, park on the road and start our route around one of the larger neighborhood circles.  When we got there, it was still drizzling, so we rallied and I drove the Herman's van, while the guys walked with the girls holding umbrellas (not that the girls stayed under the umbrellas).  We decided at least the van could follow and the girls could hop back in between houses (yeah, right!).   There was no stopping our little trick-or-treaters, their excitement was too much and rain was the last thing on their minds.  Luckily about ten minutes in, the rain subsided and we ended up with a beautiful (and just a tad wet) night!

Let the fun begin....TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!

We had a little sibling rivalry between Macie, Emerson and Ivie (Emerson's basically family) for ringing the door bells first.  We had to step-in and create an every-other-house rule so each girl had a turn. 

Mac-Mac in her Blueberry Muffin costume!!

Danny's turn at the wheel of the van....checking Facebook!

Ivie in her Raspberry Tart costume with her new candy necklace that she seems very eager to open!!

We never could get in touch with the Giovanellos but we finally met up with Aurora and Melania for a few mintues.  They were headed out as we were headed home.  Oh well, maybe next year!

Emerson loves flashlights and was intent on carrying the one Danny brought.

Amazingly enough, the girls weren't afraid of this scary character waiting at the bottom of a staircase. 

After coming in for the night we had to make our yearly trip to Jasper and Janice's house for a quick trick-or-treat. 

One last attempt at a picture of all the girls in their costumes.

Family shot!!

I'm sure Hogan had a stressful night with all the trick-or-treaters we had, but he was happy to see us when we returned home!

Mimi and Birdie came over after our outing to see Emerson in her costume, give her a small gift, and watch her go through her candy.  

The LOOT!!!!

MY CANDY....I'm not sharing (as she lays on top of it)!!!

Just like her Mommy, she separates the M&M's into colors and then eats them!!

We hope you all had a fabulous Halloween.  Every year brings a new adventure but one thing is constant, the smile on Emerson's face while she trick-or-treats with good friends!!  Until next year...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Halloween Treats and a Parade

It's alright to post Halloween pictures the day after Thanksgiving, right?  Sure!!  Seriously, where did November go?  I thought it was supposed to be a slow month, but work has completely blown up and blogging has, well, not blown up!  To my (few) followers, sorry for the lack of blogging has been crazy and blogging hasn't been the first priority.  Anyway, I'm hoping to finish up the last few October posts and then start posting about November.  As busy as we were, I don't have many pictures from November, go figure!  Onward to "the post at hand"....

Halloween Treats
Thanks to my obsession with Pinterest, I was able to find super cute (and super easy) Halloween treats for Emerson's classmates.  With October being as crazy as it was, I needed a very quick and easy treat to produce.  I decided on Milano Ghost cookies (I did get some heat from my neighbor about not using Nutter Butters, but he didn't complain when I brought him over a plateful)!!  I tried out the recipe at our tailgate and knew they were a hit when I came home with an empty plate.  All 48 cookies were gone (thanks, in huge part, to Caroline Gwaltney who ate about 15 cookies that day).  Since they were a hit at tailgate, they would certainly be a hit with preschoolers!  Score...a super easy, super cute and super tasty treat for Halloween!!

Halloween Parade
The morning of Halloween, Emerson's school hosted their annual Halloween Parade. Now, when I say parade, I really mean the kids (in their costumes) marching out to the blacktop of the playground, running around in a circle and posing for some pictures.  But, they think it's a parade and they have a blast.  It's also a great photo opp for all the parents to get some pictures of their child with all their classmates.  Even though it takes all of 10 minutes (shorter than it takes me to change Emerson back into school clothes), it's worth seeing the smiles on all the kids faces!!!

Emerson was so excited to wear her costume to school.  

Emerson and her classmates awaiting the parade...

One last picture for Miss Brenda!!

Oh yes, we forgot who Emerson's mom was.....a lot more pictures for you all to enjoy.  Sorry they were too cute not to add to the post!!  She loved her costume!

All the silly girls in Emerson's class!!

Emerson and Reagan....screaming, "We Love Miss Brenda!!"  It was an attempt to get them to smile by Sean Giovanello...and it worked!!

Emerson's classmates (and then some)...we had a few extra kids from the three-year-old class.  

Reagan and her sister, Madison...they are too cute and look exactly alike!!

Emerson and Aurora....two peas in a pod and like sisters, with their love-hate relationship!