Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Emersonisms: Three in one night

A few weeks ago, on a Friday evening (10/21), we had to run over to Carrboro and pick up my volunteer packet for the Get Heeled 5K.  Emerson was in rare form that night, so I thought I would jot down a few of the stories...

Car Seat Dancing
Danny and Emerson picked me up at home, when I got in the car, one of Emerson's favorite songs was playing and she was full-on car seat dancing.  We started the song over so I could get her "cool moves" on video.  We then listened to the song at least 6 more times!!!  Enjoy the video below...

A little back story: There is a running joke between the Hermans and the Devers about our wedding days.  Dale Herman, who was a good family friend when Danny and I got married, was invited to our wedding.  Unfortunately, the same day, he had another wedding he was part of and had to decline his invite to our wedding.  My parents were invited to Dale and Amy's wedding, but since (at the time) Dale was closer to my dad than me, I was not invited.  Dale always jokes about how beautiful our wedding day was and how it was the best wedding he had ever been to...he wasn't there!  He also jokes about how he got us the greatest gift...he didn't get us a present!  And, we do the same with him about his wedding day...even though we weren't in attendance due to the lack of an invite!! :)

Anyway, that night, we took the route through campus to get to Carrboro.  (Since I'm not working on campus anymore, I always try to drive through it any chance I get!)  We passed a wedding party getting their pictures taken at the Old Well, which immediately got Emerson's attention. She loves weddings and thought the bride looked beautiful.  As we came up to the Carolina Inn the conversation went like this:

Emerson: Look, Mommy and Daddy, that's where you got married!!!  (we've pointed this out to her before and attended several events with her there, so she is familiar with the Inn)

Me: Yep, that's where Daddy and I got married...isn't it beautiful!

After some more chit chat about my dress and other details...
Emerson: Where did Miss Amy get married?

Me: Actually, we just passed where they got married.  It was a building near the Old Well.

Emerson: Oh, did you guys go?

Danny and I both looked at each and smirked!!
Me: (with a giggle) NO, we weren't invited!

Emerson: How were you not invited, you are Amy's best friend.

Probably more of an inside joke for the Hermans and Devers to enjoy but I didn't want to forget it!  Now maybe Emerson can join in on the wedding day banter!!

Tomato Soup
Even though we haven't had horribly cold weather yet, one of our staple winter meals of grilled cheese and tomato soup has already made a few appearances this fall.  Emerson claims she loves tomato soup, but never eats as much as I think she will.  After picking up the packet, we headed to dinner where I ordered Tomato Bisque.  Emerson sitting next to me, asked for a bite of my soup....and then another one, and then another one, and then sure enough, half the bowl was gone!

Emerson: Mommy, this restaurant's tomato soup is SOOO much better than yours.

Thanks, Emerson!  I'm pretty sure the fresh pureed tomatoes with heavy cream and organic spices is much better than my Campbell's Tomato Soup out of the can, made with skim milk.  Who knew my four-year-old's palette would be so mature.  I guess this isn't going to cut-it in our house anymore!!

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