Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hill Ridge Farms, 2011

Back in the middle of October, we had one of our busiest weekends yet.  Danny had been out of town all week and got home on a Thursday night around midnight.  We got up bright-and-early on Friday for Fast Break, then headed to the State Fair that afternoon with the Herman Clan, had a UNC football game on Saturday, and two soccer games (one Saturday, one Sunday).  But we still managed to get in our annual Herman/Dever trip to Hill Ridge Farms on that Sunday (10/16).  Last year, we opted for Hill Ridge Farms instead of Ganyard Farms and we weren't disappointed.  There are so many things to do at Hill Ridge and the activities seem to be more age appropriate as the girls have gotten older.  Being this is our second year in a row, I see this becoming our annual pumpkin patchin' outing with the Hermans, replacing the Ganyard trip we had done for several previous years.

The Maze
Miss Hollywood made her way through the kiddie maze and looked fabulous doing it!!!  
Emerson + Hollywood sunglasses = Diva!

The Jump Pillow
You know the song by Bare Naked Ladies, "If I Had a Million Dollars"?  Well, if I had a million dollars, I would have a jump pillow in my backyard.  This was a new feature this year and the girls LOVED it.  If the adults had a turn on it, I am sure we would have loved it, too!  The Jump Pillow is a cross between a trampoline and a bounce house.  Wonder if the Hermans would go halfsies with us and we could install it in the side yard between our houses (ha!)!!

Goofing off with Daddy!!
My two favorite people goofing off and just having fun.  Danny wasn't home much in October, so it was nice for them to spend some time together.  

Goofing off with Dale...
....a rare picture of him with the camera, a rare picture of Danny and me, and a picture Dale snapped of me in my normal pose on outings like this, behind the camera!!

Our Budding Photographer
Emerson loves to take pictures now and every chance she gets, she has me put the camera around her neck to snap a photo.  Daddy was the subject during this outing.  

Trying to get all three girls to look at us at the same time is almost impossible.  But here are a few of the girls posing "in" the Hill Ridge Farms school bus and even one with Bryce in the driver's seat (with an assist from Amy)!   

The Giant Slide
This might be the most popular attraction at Hill Ridge Farms (although the Jump Pillow will give it a run for its money).  The slide was a big hit with all the girls last year, but Emerson was still a bit scared to go down by herself and opted for a ride down with Danny.  But this year, she had no fear and rode down like a pro, leaving Danny to ride down by himself (and make a more-than-cheesy exit from the tunnel!). 

The Yearly Growth Picture least this proves she's grown a bit since last year.  

The Train Ride
If you haven't been to Hill Ridge, you will quickly learn it has a little bit of everything, including a train.  The girls waited patiently for their turn on the train and quickly grabbed the front seat in our "train car" when it was time to board.  The train goes twice around a huge field.  My favorite part last year were the hay bale art, so I snapped a few shots of this year's creations, along with a few other train trip shots!!

Duck Races
We headed back to the Duck Races this year.  The girls had a great time racing their ducks down the water trough.  Danny and Dale might be the two most competitive people I know, and decided to race the ducks themselves.  I had walked over to get a spot in line for the pony rides but Amy was there, and got a few pictures of the Daddy Races (I only heard it ALL the way over at the Pony Rides)!!

Pony Rides
Emerson was the only girl who wanted to ride the ponies.  She looks like a natural up there, her Auntie Di would be very proud!!!  I haven't told Emerson that I used to take riding lessons when I was younger, for fear that she will start asking for that to be her next after-school activity.  

The Hay Barn
We made a quick stop in the Hay Barn so the girls could play pose on a hay bale.  They are all little hams and mine surely knows how to strick a pose!

The Hayride and Pumpkin Patchin'
We always leave the hayride and pumpkin pickin' until the very end.  It's much easier to just head to the cars once we have our pumpkins.  We hopped on the hayride and headed to the fields to figuratively and literally "pick" our pumpkins.  The girls scoured the fields for the perfect pumpkins and once found, it was time to hayride back to our cars.   The Devers were on a tight time table, as we had a soccer game that afternoon, but we made sure to save enough time for our traditional stop at Sonic (Amy's favorite) with the Hermans on the way home.  

Love both of these pictures!!

Another very successful trip to Hill Ridge is in the books, and finally on the blog.  We hope everyone got out and enjoyed this wonderful Fall we've had and did some pumpkin patchin' of your own!!

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