Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Pumpkin Carving Party

Yes, I realize we're halfway through November and I am still getting around to October posts.  So much for "catching up" in October, it was more like "keeping up".  November is usually a slow month for us, but it is proving to be pretty busy, hence me being super behind in posting.  Anyway, I digress...

On October 23rd, we attended a pumpkin carving party hosted by the Kidd Family.  Caroline and Emerson used to be in the same daycare, but the Kidds recently moved to Mebane.  We still get to see them at Carolina games and Alison and I eat lunch together once-in-awhile.  It was great to spend the afternoon catching up and carving pumpkins!!  What a cute idea for a party, I might have to steal this one!!  Alison and I share the same passion in party planning!  Here are some pictures from the party...

A little bit of play and catching up for the girls before carving their pumpkins!

Now the real fun begins....we all picked a pumpkin and began carving!

Daddy had to take over, he was much better at carving than I was.  

EWWW!!  The not-so-fun part of carving a pumpkin.

You'll notice the kids slowly start to disappear, and the Dads are left to carve the pumpkins...they all did a great job!!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Pop!!

Way to go, Danny...our adorable pumpkin, that we later accessorized and named, Jill-O-Lantern!
Another cute pumpkin...

The Herman girls' (well, Dale's) pumpkins!!

The kids ended the party with some good old-fashioned sidewalk chalk art!!

Thanks to the Kidds for hosting us in their lovely new home.  We had a great time!!

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  1. This looks like such a fun party! I love carving pumpkins.