Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thanksgiving Adventures | Part Two

...the Thanksgiving adventures continue!!!

Friday, November 25th
I bet it won't shock most of you to know that the boys played golf again on Friday.  After her fun filled afternoon the day before, Emerson was ready to hit the beach early.  We headed out around 10:00 am and literally didn't come in until the sun went down, only to eat lunch and use the bathroom.  It was another beautiful day with mild temps, perfect for digging, playing in the water, ribbon twirling, searching for seashells, helping with another sand castle, playing with Alice, dancing, practicing her splits, being silly and even indulging in a well-deserved adult beverage for Alice and me.  We relaxed on the beach blanket and walked the name it, we did it that day!!

The neighbors built another amazing sandcastle

Another beautiful sunset!!

Saturday, November 27th
(these are all pictures from Danny's Iphone, sorry for the quality!)
Since the boys had gotten two rounds of golf in, and the girls had gotten no shopping in....Saturday was our day for shopping.  Emerson, unfortunately, still isn't at the age where she can hang for an all-day shopping trip.  I'm pretty sure she was more excited about staying with her Daddy for another fun-filled day on the beach.  After seeing the neighbors build two awesome sandcastles, Emerson really wanted one of her own, glad it was Daddy's day to watch.  She also had a kite that needed flying.  Who better to fly a kite with than Daddy!!!  

As I was shopping, I got a text with the following pictures....

I just knew the neighbor, engineers had begun to make more sand designs.  But oh no, upon further texting, I found out that Birdie, Emerson and Danny had created this.  I was shocked, no way had my husband been this creative!  They also had some fun adding "jewel" to Emerson's sunflower and flying her kite.
 The neighbors did create this cute little sea turtle!!