Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fall Kickball

In early November (11/6), the Seagroves family hosted another kickball tournament.  You may remember the weather was sweltering during the previous Fourth of July weekend tournament.  We lucked out this time around and had beautiful weather making outdoor play more enjoyable.  After the tournament, we gathered back at the Seagroves' house for some food and socializing.  It was another great tournament with friends!!

The Team Breakdown
...and the team photos, respectively!!

I strategically placed myself down the first base line, making it easier to get some great kicking shots and running to first base shots.

Caroline and Cole, showing a little sibling love!!

Jen and Cole waiting for their turn to kick.

I can't get enough of this cutie!!!

Some shots of Danny and Emerson; waiting, kicking, and running.  Emerson loves to run the bases for her Daddy!!

Some action shot from the day...

Emerson and Caroline B. became disinterested in the game and decided drawing in the dirt was much more intriguing.

Caroline's little sister, Charlotte, was all smiles for the camera.  

More pics of Cole; He should be in a magazine.  I'm sure his dad will love this collage; Cole and a Carolina football...nothing better!!

Two Words: Double Trouble!!  
Thanks again to the Seagroves for hosting.  Hopefully this will become seasonal event in the spring, summer and fall!!!


  1. I love all the team names - especially the Honey Badgers!

  2. What a fun day! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.