Friday, December 30, 2011

The Radio City Rockettes

Back in October, my mom suggested we take Emerson to see the Radio City Rockettes.  I was hesitant at first, not knowing if she would sit through an almost two hour show.  But then I remembered how much I loved seeing the show in NYC when I was younger and I knew I wanted Emerson to have the same experience, albeit not in NYC and at a much younger age.  So we ended up booking tickets for Mimi, Birdie, Grammy, Papa, Danny, Emerson and me to attend.  

After our Raleigh Christmas Parade adventures on November 19th, we headed home for a few hours of rest before our big night out at the DPAC.  Emerson was so excited!!!  We watched the "Behind the Scenes" special on WRAL in preparation for the show.  Emerson was also excited because one of her dance teachers, Miss Summer is a Rockette and would be performing in the show.  What young dancer doesn't dream of being a Rockette??  I'm sure the words were muttered from my mouth at one point or another, although my 5' 3" frame would never allow for it.  What a great role model for all the dancers at Emerson's studio to have in Ms. Summer.  Emerson couldn't wait to see her teacher on stage.  

Upon arrival to the DPAC, we were greeted with snow falling from the sky.  To a four-year-old kid (and even her Mommy), this fake snow was quite cool.  Emerson thought it was real at first, but then figured it out when it was only concentrated in one area.  That didn't stop her from frolicking and trying to catch a few snowflakes in her mouth. 

We headed inside, waited for the lower level doors to open and we were off.  We found our seats and waited for the show to begin.  We scanned the playbill for Miss Summer's picture.  And then....the lights dimmed!  Showtime!!!  I must admit, I was in awe just like Emerson was, although I wasn't as chatty.  Emerson couldn't contain all the excitement.  "Where's Miss Summer?", "Is this the last dance?", "Mommy, is there another dance?", "When are they going to kick?"....and so on, and so on!!  It was so cute.  I am so glad we took the time to take Emerson to the show.  She really enjoyed it and hopefully if they come back next year, we will take the show in again.  Maybe one day we will even make it to NYC to see the Rockettes at Radio City.  Since I couldn't take pictures or video of the show, but wanted Emerson to one day remember what she saw, I've included a few here from different Internet sources.  Enjoy!!

Miss Summer
(not only is she a great dancer but her brother is UNC quarterback Bryn Renner, 
so we love her even more!!)
(Source: Indyweek)

The Show
Sleigh Ride
All the Rockettes dressed up as reindeer and pulling Santa's sleigh.
(Source: Chicago Tribune)
Radio City Christmas – Santa Claus

(Source: YouTube - NYReel)

Parade of the Wooden Soldier
One of the most synonymous dances with the Rockettes; these wooden soldiers parade around with perfect precision.  But once the canon gets them, it is truly amazing what they do.  Watch the video below:

(Source: Naples News)
Radio City Christmas Spectacular - Show Photos - cast 2

(Source: New York Times)

(Source: YouTube - NYReel)

Christmas in New York
The Rockettes take us on a tour of NYC with a NYC Doubledecker bus and some very cool video board scenes of New York.
Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular On-Sale Event
(Source: DO512)

(Source: Roberta on the Arts)

(Source: The Single Nester)

(Source: YouTube - NYReel)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
...and he multiplies by the minute!!

(Source: Roberta on the Arts)

Let Christmas Shine
One of the last numbers the Rockettes perform, in their very sparkly outfits with lots of high kicks!  Emerson got a Rockette Barbie for Christmas with this outfit on!!
Radio City Christmas Spectacular - Show Photos - cast 1

(Source: YouTube - NYReel)

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