Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Raleigh Christmas Parade

In November (11/19), Emerson had the opportunity to participate in the Raleigh Christmas Parade with her dance school.  As one of the younger students she was able to sit on the Christmas float, while the older girls danced (and walked) behind the float.  Emerson was very excited about riding on the float with her friends.  We had to be there very early on that Saturday morning, and the drop-off point was about a 1 1/2 miles from where we decided to watch the parade.  Danny and I decided I would drop-off and walk to the spot, while he parked the car and scoped out our viewing spot towards the end of the parade route.  I waited for Kerry, Haegan's mom, to arrive and then left Emerson so I could begin my jaunt to our viewing spot.  Emerson was so excited and could hardly sit still.
Ready for the parade to begin.  
Emerson and Jordan...all smiles!!
Emerson and Haegan...two-peas-in-a-pod.

As I walked to our spot, I snagged this picture of the crowd on just one of the two streets the parade went down.  There were almost 80,000 people in attendance for the parade and it's known as the largest parade between Atlanta and Washington, DC.

Waiting for the parade to start!!

And away we go....the police motorcycle and mounted horse escort started it all!!

The Broughton High School Marching Band began and ended the parade.  They will be in Pasadena this week for the Rose Bowl Parade.  Way to represent NC!!

Our favorite news team, the WRAL gang.

So these golden retrievers!

How funny is this giant grocery cart?

Check out this ride...

The first inflatable balloon...

The Grand Marshal of the parade....NC's own, Scotty McCreery.   He passed Emerson's float before the parade began and now she is in love.  We officially have our first crush in the Dever house.  (I might have a slight crush, too!!  If I ever have a son, I want him to be as well-mannered as Scotty.)

Mini ponies all dolled up for the holiday!

Emerson and the Stage Door group were #100 out of #129 entries in the parade, so needless to say, we sat there for a long time before we got a glimpse of Emerson.  Finally they emerged, but sadly, after all that, I only got two pictures of Emerson.  She was tucked away behind the tree and I didn't see her until she was right on us.  Oh least she was smiling.  Danny followed the float to the end and brought Emerson back to sit with us and enjoy the rest of the parade!
**Side note: Those gorgeous red sweatshirts all the Stage Door gang have on, were the works of me and my company!!**

Another inflatable....

The Nutcracker, one of my favorite holiday traditions!

Check out the (real) dog, relaxed and ready to ride on the back of this motorcycle.

No texting allowed at the parade!!! A parade participant came over to see what was so important that my mom was texting and not watching the parade.  

The Sudo-Rockettes

A giant toilet on the float....pretty clever!

Emerson loved watching the parade!

The man everyone was waiting for....

I must say, albeit cold, the Raleigh Christmas Parade was so much fun!!  They do a wonderful job putting on a very entertaining parade that appeals to all ages.  I am so glad Emerson got to be a part of it.  We will certainly go again next year.  What a great way to spend a Saturday morning and really get everyone in the holiday spirit!! Until next year...

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