Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Adventures | Part One

Warning: the next couple of posts on this blog will be filled with pictures and very few words.  Some of you will love that!!  I took so many pictures at the beach and since lighting is always great, it was hard to narrow them down!!

Every year, for as long as I can remember, we've either gone to the beach the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas to spend time with Mimi's side of the family (Sissy, Uncle Perfect, Alice, and Thurman).  This started while my grandparents were still alive and we've continued the tradition.  This year we spent our week during Thanksgiving, these blog posts will chronicle (in pictures) our adventures!!

Tuesday, November 22nd
We headed to the beach on Tuesday afternoon.  Emerson was packed in the back like a sardine.  Not sure why we always take so much stuff with us to the beach.  Good thing we left late in the day, because my parents were there early and had to change houses.  The house we originally rented was really dirty, so the rental company moved them to a new house (not without a few headaches).  So glad we missed out on the unloading and reloading of the cars, not sure our four-year-old would have survived that!

Wednesday, November 23rd
The boys (Birdie, Uncle Perfect, Thurman, and Danny) played golf on Wednesday and the girls worked out, grocery shopped, Sissy and I did some work, and Emerson, Mimi, and I got pedicures.  This was Emerson's first pedicure/manicure.  She opted for sparkly polish on her toes and cotton candy pink on her fingers.  I think we have a future diva on our hands.  She loved it!!

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 24th
Thanksgiving was spent first Turkey Trotting and then relaxing on the beach.  

A quick golf lesson from Birdie before the family Turkey Trot!  You can see the excitement in both their eyes in the picture where Emerson makes her putt.  

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition and we watched an hour or two before heading out for our 5K.  

Checking email and the Tar Heel sports pages.  This table transformed daily between computer desk and eating table.  At one point there were at least five laptops on the table.  But hey, if you have to work...the beach is the place to do it!!

The puzzle from hell....I think it was 750 pieces and was of Times Square in New York City.  Whew...we finally finished it!!

Danny getting pumped-up for the run...he might have been the only "pumped-up" for it!!

Beautiful, beautiful morning at the beach....we couldn't have asked for better weather.  

Emerson and Uncle Perfect sharing a minute together.

Emerson then convinced Birdie to go on the beach with her.  That run just keeps getting pushed back further and further!

AHHH.... a finished puzzle.  For some of the puzzle participants,
 those bottles in the background were necessary!

Ready for the run...Finally.  Uncle Perfect found his means of transportation for the run.  
Emerson decided she was going to run, so he said he was taking her spot.  
(Hermans, I swear he was only in this for a few seconds, long enough to snap a picture!!  
Thanks for letting us use it!!)

It will come as no surprise to you that my competitive and now very fast husband won the 5K....hands down.  He was nice enough to come back and finish the 5K with me.  After the 5K we headed to the park so Emerson (and others) could get in some playground time!!

Yuck...I debated putting this picture in but we needed proof that we all ran/walked the 5K, although not everyone did all 3 miles.  

The winner with his biggest (or should I say, smallest) supporter!!

A quick lunch on the porch and then we were headed to the beach for an entire afternoon of play!

Using her new shovel to dig, dig, dig!

We talked Emerson into putting her feet in the FREEZING water.  She wasn't so sure about the water coming in as fast as it did, and would run away from it.  Eventually she got the hang of it. 

Sparkly toes!!

We took a small tumble in the water pool...and came up with these faces.  But we quickly went in and changed into something much more comfortable to frolic on the beach.  
....and they frolicking continues!!

Another tumble that phased her for about a second, and then she was back to playing!

Helping the neighbors build their enormous and very impressive sand castle.

Birdie and Emerson on the hunt for seashells to make her name "sparkle".  

I love, love, love how these black and whites turned out, you all know I am a sucker for a silhouette!

The name, all "sparkled" up!!


Emerson wrote her own name in the sand!!

It was tough pulling Emerson off the beach, but we all finally got in and took showers for our big Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a beautiful sunset that night, really every night!!

Danny's fried tasted so much better than it looked.  Note for next year: don't put the dressing on the outside of the turkey, only on the inside.  That was my brilliant idea...sorry Danny!

Proof that tryptophan does exist!! Three very full and sleepy men!!

Whew!!!  If you are still reading, you are a true follower of the Dever Dish.  
Lots of pictures...and we're only half way done!!

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