Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Holiday Festivities | Leading up to Christmas (Part two)

Friday, December 16th
After the school Christmas Pageant, we headed to Mimi's for dinner with Aunt Sissy, Uncle Perfect, Grammy and Papa.  Mimi hosted all of us for a great chili dinner.  The real work began when I got home, though.  I had a small holiday card fiasco and didn't get my cards until the day I was to leave town for Richmond (12/12).   So, needless-to-say, I didn't get to my cards until I got home from my work trip.  I took that Friday night and knocked them out.  Hogan decided he wanted to help (or hinder) the process!!

Saturday, December 17th
A Cookie Party
Emerson's friend, classmate, and swim-mate, Melania, hosted a cookie party on the 17th at her house.  It was such a great idea and certainly got the girls in the holiday spirit.  Rebecca, Melania's mom, had it very organized and had a spot ready for the girls to cookie cut their cookies and then decorate them.  We had a great time and came home with several delicious cookies....which didn't last long in the Dever household.  

Tar Heel Game
It's hard to believe Emerson is 41/2 and this past December was the first time she actually stepped foot in the Deam Dome to watch a home Carolina game.  Thanks to the Herman family, we were able to take in a game over the holiday break and Emerson had her first experience at a basketball game in the Smith Center.  Of course, she loved cheering on "her Heels" and watching Ramses, the cheerleaders and even Santa Claus.  Here are some pictures of our outing.  Thanks for the tickets Hermans!!
Tar Heel Basketball and Chick-Fil-A.....nothing better!!
Melts my heart!!
Fingers crossed we can add another very soon!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Holiday Festivities | School Christmas Pageant

Parkwood School's Annual Christmas Pageant
December 16, 2011

The Christmas pageant at Parkwood got a slight makeover this year.  In November, Emerson came home with a small slip of paper with the sentences she was going to say in this year's performance.  We were to practice every night, but by the next day Emerson had it memorized.  "Let us find the newborn child.  They went to find the newborn baby lying in a manager." I tested her on occasion, but she had it down pat, I think it's etched in her brain (and mine) for a long time.  The teachers decided to perform more of a Christmas pageant this year, instead of the usual singing production.  Well, they did a FANTASTIC job. It was so refreshing to see something new and the kids were adorable.  There's nothing more heartwarming than three, four and five-year-olds singing Christmas carols.  I think they all learned something this year, too, the real reason we actually celebrate the holiday.  I can't believe this was Emerson's last year performing in the annual production, but I am so glad she got a chance to be in this version.  
This was Emerson's expression the entire production.  When the crowd laughed, so did Emerson!

First up was the two-year-old class performing the annual three-to-four songs they sing each year.  You may remember Emerson's very loud performance when she was two!!

(By the way, if you are new to the blog, this is definitely one video to check out...
I just re-watched it and was rolling on the floor laughing...click link above!!)
Ready for their turn at the microphone.
Some of the many speakers during the play.
All the children performing
Emerson was a "Wise Woman" and couldn't wait to wear her crown!!
Saying her lines....she did a GREAT job!!
Another funny part of the production!
Daniel and Julianne as "Joseph and Mary"!
A little surprise visit by Santa during one of the songs!
Julianne, Aurora, Kayla and Emerson enjoying some refreshments after the show.  
Emerson and Aurora...posing for a picture. 
Miss Brenda and Emerson

Disclaimer: This video is a bit longer than some of my followers would probably like but I did manage to  edit it down from 30 minutes of footage to 11 1/2 minutes.  Pretty good!  But since it is a large video, it will need to buffer a bit before it will play all the way through.  Enjoy!!