Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holiday Festivities, 2011 | Leading up to Christmas (Part One)

Finally getting our month of December on the blog.  I decided to do short, little snip-its of the events leading up to Christmas....Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 3
Always one of our favorite things to do, we headed to Scott's Tree Lot (we've been loyal for about 10 years now) to pick out our tree the morning of December 3rd.  Scott's always has the most beautiful trees, so it's never hard to find the perfect one.  Danny and I noticed that the tree crop was really nice this year.  Emerson is always a big help and loves to run around pointing our trees to her dad, then he makes sure they are tall or short enough to fit in our living room.  We never get away without a "ride" on the sleigh and a candy cane treat!!
The winning tree!!

Tuesday, December 13th
We were lucky enough to get a holiday performance from Emerson's dance class again this year.  Unfortunately I was out-of-town for work this year and not able to attend the performance.  Danny did a great job getting the brief show on film and thanks to Aurora's mom for getting some great shots of the girls before and during the performance.  You can tell the girls have improved since last year and really love dance class!!
L to R, top to bottom: Emerson, Morgan, Aurora and Lauren.....all ready for the show!!

This is the first video I've made using iMovie (yay!!).  Since it's HD, you may have to let it buffer a few minutes, so it doesn't stop every two seconds!!

Thursday, December 15
Our friends, the Gwaltneys, were nice enough to invite Danny and Emerson to CHCC for dinner with Santa.  Danny took the camera along and got a few shots.  I hate I missed the event, but so glad it gave Danny something to do with Emerson to kill some time and take-up another mommy-less evening. At this point we still hadn't seen Santa, so Emerson was so excited to see him at dinner.  According to Emerson, this was the "real" Santa and not just one of his helpers!!  Thanks again for the invite, Gwaltneys....I think Danny and Emerson had a great time!
Cookie decorating skills!
Caroline and Santa
Emerson and Santa

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