Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holiday Festivities | Christmas Eve

This past Christamas Eve, we spent the day preparing for Santa's arrival and spending time with the Dever side of the family.  We started the preparations for Santa's evening appearance by making cookies.  (Yes, they are store-bought, break-apart cookies....maybe next year we will actually make them.)  I left everything up to Emerson, while I tended to a few more things in the kitchen.
She's most-definitely stealing a chocolate chip here!!!
I love how Emerson put the cookies right next to each other.  
I, obviously, rearranged them after-the-fact.

We had Christmas music blaring, mulling spices simmering, and the tree was lit.  It was certainly a very seasonal and spirited morning.

Before heading to Grammy and Papa's house, Emerson took a few minutes to sprinkle the reindeer food, we had made a few days earlier, on our lawn.  We made sure she covered a lot of area, so each reindeer could get a nibble.
Have I told you all how much I love this little girl??  So, so sweet!!!

Auntie Di had a neat, new sticker book for Emerson to try out upon our arrival at Grammy and Papa's.  They took a few minutes to work on the book and I took the opportunity to get some pictures of Aunt Di and Emerson.

Sweet Gabby Girl made the trip from Wisconsin this year.  Gabby wasn't doing well and dealing with a lot of health issues.  Since Gabby was Corey's dog, he wanted to see her one more time, so Diane and Ed brought her down for the holidays.  Hogan and Gabby are about the same age and played together as puppies.  Gabby has since passed, so we are grateful we got to see her and spend some time with her during Christmas.  
Emerson and her many expressions opening her presents this year.  
I love the look on her face for this present, like "What am I supposed to do with this?"  
She is a girly, girl after all.....turns out, it was one of her favorite presents!!

This is even better, "Wonder if anyone will notice me throwing this away?"  I seriously had a laugh-out-loud moment when I was going through these pictures and found this.  I don't think she was intentionally trying to throw it away, but it was too funny not to add into the mix.  It really is one of her favorite presents and I see many backyard t-ball nights in our future!

Helping Daddy open his present...a new backpack blower for ALL the leaves we get in our backyard during the fall!!

We started a tradition about five years ago of doing a White Elephant food exchange between everyone. You know, everyone brings a gift (food item, $20 - $30) and then we draw numbers.  The first person gets the first pick of any gift.  Then the second person can pick that gift or a new gift to open....and so on, and so on.   It is always so much fun to see what the favored gifts are and how the couples work as teams to score the best gift for their house.

We had a great gift exchange and dinner at Grammy and Papa's house with everyone, including my parents.  After Grammy and Papa's, it was time to head home and hit the sack so Santa and the reindeer could find their way to our house.  After we knew our little one was fast asleep with Sugarplums dancing in her head, Danny and I got to work setting up our presents to Emerson and then it was up to Santa to bring the rest (wink, wink)!!
Mommy and Daddy's gifts to Emerson

Santa's gifts to Emerson

Wordless Wednesday: Why am I finding these?

Yep, that's a BIG, FAT gray hair.  Why am I finding these (especially this long) in my head.  
Gray hairs go away!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holiday Festivities | The Adventures of Riddle!!

Our faithful Elf on the Shelf, Riddle, returned for another year of fun and antics.  Last year, his hiding spots were for beginners, BUT THIS YEAR, Riddle showed his mischievous side and got into a bit of trouble.  Emerson loved waking up every morning, searching for Riddle and finding the fun and funny things he had done the night before.  Since we didn't want to forget any of his clever tomfoolery, I decided to take a picture each morning.  We were sad to see him go the night of December 23rd, but knew he needed to get back to Santa to help him and all the other elves prepare for Christmas.  Hope you all will enjoy the many Adventures of Riddle.  We are anxiously awaiting his return next December 1st!!!