Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holiday Festivities | The Adventures of Riddle!!

Our faithful Elf on the Shelf, Riddle, returned for another year of fun and antics.  Last year, his hiding spots were for beginners, BUT THIS YEAR, Riddle showed his mischievous side and got into a bit of trouble.  Emerson loved waking up every morning, searching for Riddle and finding the fun and funny things he had done the night before.  Since we didn't want to forget any of his clever tomfoolery, I decided to take a picture each morning.  We were sad to see him go the night of December 23rd, but knew he needed to get back to Santa to help him and all the other elves prepare for Christmas.  Hope you all will enjoy the many Adventures of Riddle.  We are anxiously awaiting his return next December 1st!!!

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