Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NYC Trip | Day 3

NYC Trip | Day 3
February 11, 2012

Saturday morning we woke up to snow falling in NYC.  What a treat, especially since we don't get to see it much in North Carolina.  Although it wasn't sticking and didn't even dust the ground, it still brought lots of smiles to Emerson's face.  We had tickets to the 2:00 pm matinee show for Mary Poppins, but decided to head to Macy's for a little window shopping first.  So after breakfast at the hotel (another perk of Danny traveling so much), we took a cab to one of my favorite (although there are many) shopping spots in NYC.

All the Easter dresses were out in the kid's department at Macy's, Emerson was dying to try a few on.  So we had quick, mini-fashion show in the dressing room.  I have a feeling this child is going to be a clothes hound or a fashion designer.

After wasting some time at Macy's, we started the walk to the Mary Poppins theater.  Emerson insisted on walking atop the subway grates.

We were all pretty excited to see Mary Poppins, although I learned my mom had never seen the movie.  I couldn't believe's one of my favorites.  Emerson had recently seen the movie with her Grammy and Papa at a church function, so she had it in recent memory.  The show was fantastic!!!  I highly recommend it if you are headed to the city with (or without) a child.  It was so entertaining and fun!!  Sorry for some of the iPhone pictures

After the show we grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at Junior's restaurant.  My parents had tickets to see Jersey Boys that evening, so they needed to get back to the hotel and change.  Junior's was fantastic, great food, fast service and their unbelievable cheesecake.  After dinner we went back to the hotel for a quick rest before heading our separate ways.  Mimi and Birdie went to the show and Danny, Emerson and I were off to the M&M store and then back to the hotel to watch a movie.  

About thirty minutes, three pounds of M&M's and $86.00 to the negative later, we emerged from the M&M store.  Emerson picked out lots of colors and these were to be her school treats for her classmates on Valentine's Day.  Note to self: always buy M&M's at a regular store and not the M&M store.  Oh well, lesson learned.  It was fun, and Emerson couldn't get enough of all the different colored M&M's.  Another great day in the city....too bad, the next day would be our last!

Wordless Wednesday: Recital Week!!

We can't wait to see our little twinkle toes on Saturday!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

NYC Trip | Day 2 (part 2)

NYC Trip | Day 2 - Central Park and beyond...
February 10, 2012

After our morning at the World Trade Center Memorial, we caught the subway to Central Park.  It was  a really cold day, but we were game for walking around and taking a carriage ride.
Rector Street Station
Emerson's first subway ride!!
Central Park
Carriage Rides
We weren't allowed to have five in a carriage ride so Mimi and Birdie took a turn first on the carriage ride and then Danny and I took our turn with Emerson on the carriage ride.
While we were waiting, this NYC dog walker came by.  I just love this picture.
Emerson meeting the first horse that pulled her around Central Park.
Our turn for a ride around Central Park!!

It was FREEZING, so while we were on our carriage ride, Mimi and Birdie found their way to Essex House for cheesecake and coffee.  We met them there soon after to warm-up!!  We had a great seat by the window to take in all the NYC hustle and bustle!!

It was lunchtime and cheesecake surely wasn't going to be enough for Emerson to eat, so we decided to walk down to Dylan's Candy Bar for Emerson to have a quick bite and indulge in some treats.
Dylan's Candy Bar
Indulging in a Chocolate Covered Pretzel
A very cold and tired little girl.....
...but not too tired for FAO Schwarz.  After Dylan's we walked back towards Central Park to check out FAO Schwarz.  We figured we could knock it out while we were close-by.  Emerson was hopped-up on sugar from her chocolate covered pretzel at Dylan's and ready for some fun in the most famous toy store in the world!!
A Toy Soldier Ready to greet her!!
A ridiculously priced Barbie Foosball Table
Grace Kelly Bridal Barbie
....what little girl wouldn't want to play with her!!!
I'm so happy they brought the Big Piano back, and you can now have a turn playing on it.  Emerson was a bit apprehensive at first, but by the end, she had the hang of it.  She showed off some ballet moves while playing each note!!
Another Lego creation
One last picture with a Toy Soldier!!
From FAO Schwarz, we decided to walk down Fifth Avenue, toward the hotel.  Danny and I had date night plans and we needed to get back and change.  We made a quick detour to show Emerson the skating at Rockefeller Center and then continued on our journey to the hotel.  I made sure we walked through the Diamond District so we could ogle at the beautiful diamonds in each window.  Right in front of the hotel, Smurfette was posted for photo ops.  Emerson took the opportunity, while Smurfette used the opportunity to make some money, asking Danny for a few dollars.  
Danny and I were lucky enough to have my parents watch Emerson while we had a much needed date night.  We had dinner at Patsy's Italian Restaurant and then saw Jersey Boys, which was fantastic.  Emerson, Mimi, and Birdie had Dave's Famous Bar-B-Que and another jaunt in the Disney Store.  Another perfect day in the city!!!