Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NYC Trip | Day 1

This past Christmas, Danny surprised Emerson and I with a trip to New York City planned for February.  A way for us to spend some time as a family, to take in a show or two, and see all the sights.   He also invited Mimi and Birdie to come along.  I never got around to blogging about our here it goes!!

NYC Trip | Day 1
February 9, 2012

Emerson loves to fly; mention a trip on a plane and she's ready to go.  So, as you can see, she was all smiles waiting for the plane and playing on her Boogie Board.  Once on the plane, I set her up with a few episodes of Good Luck Charlie and some Pirate's Booty!  We blinked and we were there...quick trip up, made even faster by a very easy-going  pre-school traveler!!

Danny arranged for his company's driver to pick us up at the airport, perk of Danny working for a big company.   Emerson loved her ride, with all the sights of the city and the fact that she didn't have to be in a booster seat (something Mommy was a bit leery about).  Once at the hotel, we checked-in, got situated into our adjoining rooms (another perk of Danny traveling all the time, NICE ROOMS) and then headed out to explore a bit.  We ended up at John's Pizzeria for lunch; it was super yummy!!  It was also right across the street from the Majestic Theatre, which houses The Phantom of the Opera.  The first ever Broadway musical I saw in NYC when I was little, and one of my all-time favorites!! 

After our delicious lunch, we made our way to Toys R US to check out the indoor ferris wheel everyone told us about.  Emerson was in awe when she walked in....a ferris wheel inside??  We weren't inside a minute before we heard, "I want to ride it".  So Danny and Birdie took Emerson downstairs to ride, while Mimi and I stayed upstairs for the photo ops.  Good thing there wasn't a long line, because Emerson convinced Daddy and Birdie to ride a few more times.

I think Barbie was the only way to convince Emerson to get off the ferris wheel, so once they were off, we explored the Barbie Dream House.  Wow, talk about a lot of Barbies.  It was neat to see all the Barbie merchandise and to see Barbies from my era of play.  I was a huge Barbie fan and saw some of the Babies I had when I was younger.  Emerson still isn't as into Barbies as I thought she would be, so we didn't stay in the house long.  

Crazy Spiderman hanging from the ceiling in Toys R Us. 

We made our way to the Lego section which was also quite impressive.  I've never seen so many Legos.  The sculptures were my favorite: the Empire State Building, the Plaza Hotel, the Statue of Liberty and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.  I can't believe these are made out of ONLY Legos.  

A quick picture with Geoffrey Giraffe!!
 Emerson was amazed by this toy that wiggled in all sorts of ways to this woman's had movements.  We bought one and now know the secret, but we aren't as skilled at it as the female demonstrator was.

Some more street scenes: The ball that drops at midnight, the Marriott Marquis Times Square (the first hotel I ever stayed at in NYC), and a family shot on the busy streets!!

I had a business meeting that night with Danny's company, but we had a few minutes to kill before we had to go back to the hotel.  Luckily the Disney store was on the way back to the hotel, so we darted in for some Disney fun.  The store was recently renovated and was absolutely gorgeous.  Would you expect anything less from Disney?  Emerson had a great time with all the touch screens, the constant Disney movies playing, the Mirror Mirror on the Wall, and dressing up.  I had a good time watching her and taking in all the decor from the floral on the ceiling, to the chandelier in the castle.  
In Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse!!
Emerson, as Jessie from Toy Story!!
After the Disney Store, Danny and I got ready and left for our dinner.  Mimi, Birdie, and Emerson went to McDonald's for dinner and then back to Toys R Us and the Disney Store...go figure.  Danny and I had a great dinner at a Tapa's restaurant in Chelsea with his business associate and ended up being a  great meeting for me.  After dinner, we caught a cab back to the hotel and Danny ran across the street to Junior's and got us all cheesecake.  While he ran to get cheesecake, I headed upstairs to check on Emerson.  During the day, she had developed a cough that progressively got worse during the day.  Unfortunately while we were gone, the cough hadn't gotten any better and Emerson had just fallen asleep just a few minutes earlier than I walked in.  She ended up waking up when I came home, in a great mood, and wanting a taste of whatever it was Danny had brought back from Juniors.  I let her stay up and have some bites of cheesecake.  We all fell in love with the Red Velvet was too die for!!!  It then took Emerson two more hours to get back to sleep...Ugh!!  I think it was midnight when she finally fell asleep.  Good thing she does okay on little sleep, because Day 2 in NYC was going to be a long day....

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