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NYC Trip | Day 2 (part 1)

NYC Trip | Day 2  - World Trade Center
February 10, 2012
(I decided to break this day up, so I didn't overwhelm the post with pictures)

Friday morning we headed to the World Trade Center, but not before we soaked up some lazy minutes in the hotel room.  Waking up in NYC...such a treat!!!

After we were dressed and ready, we took a cab from our hotel to the financial district.  It was Emerson's first Yellow Taxi cab ride.....she loved it!!

We had breakfast at a nearby hotel and then walked to the 9/11 Visitor Center for our specified visit time.  Emerson knows the gist of 9/11.  During all the coverage this past September for the 10 year anniversary, we had a few conversations about it.  She knows that a very mean man was responsible for killing a lot of people that morning.  She knows that it was a very sad day for America.  But she won't understand the true impact and sadness until she's older.  The adults, on the other hand, understand.  We all remember where we were that day and it still feels like it just happened last year.  I was actually a bit nervous about going to the memorial; I wasn't sure how it would affect me.  We had to go through a lot of security (rightly so), but once inside I was awe-struck.  It was quiet, eerily quiet and somber.  Everyone was being very respectful and not many words were spoken.  I couldn't hold it in and tears streamed down my face.  I really couldn't believe I was standing where the towers stood just ten years ago.  It was all very surreal.  Emerson didn't understand the names around the pools but we all did, and it was poignant, emotional, and infuriating.  I still can't believe we lost 3,000+ innocent people that day.  We walked around for about 30 minutes, enjoyed the view of the new construction, the rebuilding, the REBIRTH.  
While we waited in line for security, Emerson got to meet one of the K-9's assigned to the Memorial.  He was very patient with her while she pet him.
The South Pool
Taking it all in!!

The North Pool
A little laughter to lighten the mood...

After we had taken in all outside had to offer, we ventured inside to the Visitor Center.  It houses momentos, merchandise, stories, video and history of that disastrous day.  A video played of family members talking about those they lost, tears streamed down my face, and while I held it together in front of Emerson, I could have wept right there.  Story-after-story of how this day changed so many lives.  One of my favorite stories was the wallet that was found containing a $2.00 bill.  You can read Myrta and Roberts story here.  Robert gave Myrta the $2.00 bill years before the attacks as they started their life together.  He always carried one and she always carried one.  It was three years after the attack that she was reunited with his $2.00 bill, wallet and wedding ring and the confirmation that her husband had perished that day.  It just kills me, there are hundreds of other stories like this out there, each one touching in their own way.  

The Visitors Center

Once we had paid our respects, said a prayer or two and taken in the stories, we needed a bit more of a happy scene.  So, we decided to catch the subway to Central Park.  Emerson wanted to ride the "train", and we knew Central Park would be a good place to walk around and maybe catch a horse and carriage ride.  But as we walked toward the subway entrance, we came upon a firetruck and I had to snap a picture to remind us of where we had just been...

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