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NYC Trip | Day 4

NYC Trip | Day 4
February 12, 2012

We started our last day in New York City at the Top of the Rock.  We wanted to show Emerson just how big the city really was.  It was a very chilly morning, but the skies were clear and the sun was shining, so it was a perfect morning for exploring the Top of the Rock.
View from our elevator on the way up!!
Looking north 
Checking out the view
The Empire State Building
Looking South
The Statue of Liberty
Doesn't she look just like a city girl in this photo!!

After the Top of the Rock, we decided to grab a cupcake (or two, or three) from Magnolia's Bakery.  It was hard to resist eating it right there, but we all had willpower and waited until we got back to the hotel room.  The cupcakes did not disappoint.  

Mimi and Birdie had tickets to a matinee of Memphis.  So while they enjoyed a show; Danny, Emerson and I found some fun at the NYC Dave and Buster's.  We had a blast playing game, after game.  I really wish we had a Dave and Buster's here.   

Fruit Ninja
One of Em's favorite iPad games and it was on a huge screen for maximum enjoyment.  
Dad's turn...
This was an awesome stationary ride.  You watched the screen, sat in the chair and the chair moved the way a roller coaster would.  It was so awesome!!
Race car driving!!
Trying to figure out the Jumpin' Jackpot.
Wheel of Fortune
Big Bass Wheel
Deadstorm Pirates...this game was scary to me, 
but Emerson loved it!!

The city at night, it's so magical!!

We had dinner plans with Alice, so we were meeting my parents at the infamous ruby-red steps in the middle of times square.  We got there first, so of course I used the extra time as a photo op.
On the way to dinner, we got caught in a sleet storm, but powered through the very cold walk to the restaurant.  We warmed up with good company and wonderful Italian food.  It was the perfect ending to our New York City trip.  I have a feeling this won't be the last time we visit the Big Apple!!!

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