Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pressing Rewind: S'More Birthday Treats, Please!!

I always love to post about the treats we take to school for Emerson's birthdays.  While I was probably in a sleep deprived fog while making them, it will be nice to visit the blog one day and see how cute they turned out.  For Emerson's 4th Birthday (yes, you read that right!!...I'm a bit behind on the blog), we made S'Mores Pops for her classmates and friends.  If I remember correctly, they were super easy to make and turned out great; cute and delicious all-in-one!!  I found the idea on Tip Junkie (a favorite of mine), and just modified a bit.   Here's the process and final result in pictures!!

These StackerMallows were a must as they are flatter than regular marshmallows!!!
Important step that you can't tell from below picture....put them in the freezer for a few minutes and let the chocolate harden.'s the cute (store-bought) cupcake cupcakes I took for all the kids to have in-class that day!!! Gotta love Target!!!

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