Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Ya'll
(March update)
The last time we left you for Flashback Friday, we had just updated you on our February adventures (although, there weren't that many). March was a bit busier for our family. Danny had to travel to both Dallas and Boston and I was pretty heavy into my event season. I was also very busy preparing for Beach Ball ( a fundraiser for Lineberger Cancer Center that I am the auction chair for). Emerson and I took a trip to Burlington to have lunch with Monica (Emerson's god-mother) and her boys, Carter and Cameron (Em's god-brothers). I also took my first stab at consigning some of Emerson's clothing (Danny was so happy to get them out of the house). I took them to a consignment sale called Upscale Resale that happens twice a year. I was actually pretty successful for my first time. For the most part though, our March was spent in front of the television rooting on our Heels during March Madness. April brought them the best victory ever but that's for next week's flashback, right!!!
March Pictures Enjoy and until next week.....
Also check out my Flashback video of the week.....Emerson saying her animal sounds.

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