Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Magic Word

Anyone that knows our family well, knows that Emerson loves, loves, loves Dora the Explorer. She eats, breathes, sleeps and bathes Dora. We probably let her watch Dora a bit too much, but as you will be able to see from this post...she is at least learning!!!

So a couple of weeks ago on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, Emerson decided she wanted to go outside.  Standing at our back door Emerson and Danny proceeded to have this conversation:

Emerson: Daddy, I wanna go outside.  (in a slightly whiny voice)
Danny: Emerson, what's the magic word?
Emerson: Outside!!!  I wanna go outside.  (a bit more demanding and a little more whine!)
Danny: Emerson, what's the magic word to go outside?
Emerson:  Um, Um, Um, Um......ABRE!!!  (For all you non spanish speaking people...that means OPEN in Spanish) Danny then shot me a look like; did she really just say that. 
Danny: I guess you got me there Emerson, let's go outside. 

She learned the magic word "Abre" from the Dora the Explorer "Save the Prince" episode where Dora is armed with this word to make it through obstacles to save the prince.  Emerson has seen this episode several times and now has realized that "Abre" is associated with opening the gate or door in Emerson's case.  So even though I worry about TOO MUCH Dora...I guess I can say that she is learning something. 

Danny and I have come to realize that we are in for it though; we have a smartie on our hands and everyday she surprises us with little things just like this. 

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