Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making Valentines!!

In honor of Valentine's Day today, I thought I would post about all the Valentine's fun Emerson and I had this week making our Valentine projects.  We worked on three separate projects this week, Valentines for classmates, cookies for Em's class party and popcorn gifts. 

On Wednesday night we tackled our first project, making Valentines for Emerson's classmates and Ivie and Macie.  I got the idea from the Poca Cosas blog.  She had a great post on Crafty Valentines and I fell in love with the "I Dig You" treat bags.  Upon seeing them on the blog, I immediately did an Ebay search for cheap shovels in red, white and pink.  We used this picture as our inspiration for our Valentines!!!

 Emerson had a great time sorting the chocolate (even sneaking a few into her mouth), counting the chocolates for each bag, stuffing the bags, and putting in the shovels.  What a great educational activity, sorting colors and counting chocolates...who wouldn't want to learn when chocolate is involved!!  I finished off the project by adding some printed cards with ribbon. 

Our first project finished!!!  These turned out so cute. 

We tackled the next two projects on Thursday night.  The first one was making cookies for the Valentine's Day party in Emerson's class.  Emerson really enjoyed rolling out the cookies, cutting them, and putting them on the cookie sheet.  Although I swear I have one, I couldn't find our rolling pin, so we actually used the small rolling pin from Emerson's cooking set in her new kitchen.  Emerson was also very excited to put on her personalized apron from the Hermans. 

We made the cookies first:
Butter, Eggs, Flour, Cookie Mix, and a spin with the mixer and we were ready to roll, literally!

Can't you tell Emerson had a blast!!!  The hardest part was waiting for them to come out of the oven.  We distracted her with dinner while they cooled off, and then it was time to decorate, oh what fun!!!  I dyed some frosting PINK (of course), iced the cookies, then I gave the decorations to Emerson and let her go to town.  We had one mishap (as you will see in the collage) but other than that, Emerson did a great job and figured it out pretty quickly.  We even let her ice her very own "special" cookie for her dessert that night. 

Our finished cookies.  Valentine's love cookies for Emerson's class party.  We hope everyone enjoyed the cookies as much as we enjoyed making them!!

The final project of our Valentine's trio was White Chocolate Popcorn from Make and Takes website.  Who couldn't resist this delicious treat??  Because we ran out of time, I ended up making this after Emerson went to bed that night.  I made several batches of this treat to give to Emerson's teachers.  Although messy, this was pretty easy to mak.  Popcorn, M&M's, peanuts, and white chocolate also make this pretty easy to eat!! 

All three of our projects ready for school the next day.  We had a great time making everything. 
Hopefully, we were able to spread a little bit of love around!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!