Monday, September 6, 2010

Swim Lessons 2010: Round 2, Week 3

Ahh...back again with the last installment of Emerson's summer swim lessons....are you sick of these posts yet?  To be honest, I am a little sick of writing them so I am going to make this short and sweet.  (There's a surprise at the end, once you make it through all the pictures, hint: video!!!)

August 9, 2010 (Monday)

You know the drill: arms, legs, back, etc!!!

Jumping sequence - 
Emerson's favorite part of every lesson!!

Playtime with Daddy after her lesson, wait, maybe this is Emerson's favorite part of every lesson!!

A splash contest with Daddy...they both won and 
got each other soaked!!

My Favorites from the day!!!!

August 11, 2010 (Wednesday)

More routine: arms, legs, back, kicking, etc.

Blowing Bubbles!!!!!

Playing on the stairs!


Getting her second "Pike/Eel" certificate of the summer!!

My Favorite from the day!!!

....And can you believe it?  Drum roll please...A VIDEO!!!

Hope you've enjoyed Emerson's swim lesson journey as much as we did.  Emerson did a great job her first time around.  We know eventually she will be a little fish!!  
So, until next summer.....

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