Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Field Trip to the Farm

A couple Tuesdays ago (10/19), Emerson went on her very first field trip.  Since at least one parent has to accompany their child during the trip, I got to go as well.  We met everyone at school and then caravaned to the Waller Family Farm for a great morning of farm education.

Farmer Mark greeted the entire preschool at the gate and gave us a quick education about the farm.  He informed us that the farm used to produce tobacco but now produces strawberries.

We saw chickens and learned the differences in chickens, hens, roosters, and chicks.  He taught us about the different colors eggs you see in the grocery store and how many eggs a hen lays a day; for those of you that don't know the answer, it's only one per day.  He even demonstrated to us that chickens CAN fly!!

After our chicken lesson we headed over to meet Betsy, the dairy cow.  I just love how big, sweet, and innocent cow eyes are.  Farmer Mark taught us a lot about Betsy and how she produces milk and Betsy was a good sport for standing there the entire time.  Farmer Mark even demonstrated the old-fashioned way of milking a cow and actually drank the milk.  He was also a trooper.  Betsy's friends looked on with a bit of jealousy that she was getting so much attention.

Farmer Mark also gave the kids a quick lesson on cotton and how it gets from the actual vine to all the shirts the kids had on.  He was so great about bringing everything back down to a level the kids (and parents!!) could understand!!

Waller Family Farm also houses dairy goats.  So Farmer Mark hopped in the pen with them and gave us a quick lesson while feeding them their favorite treat....Pumpkin!!  Who knew??  They went crazy for pumpkin.

The next stop was the pig pen and boy did it STINK!!!  I now know why they say pigs are filthy animals!!  But, these two pigs were super friendly and came over to greet all the kids with lots of Oinks!!!

After all our animal education it was time for the kids to pick out their pumpkins and take some group shots.  

The Frogs Class 2010

We had a great day on the farm.  Emerson and I both learned a lot about the animals and how a farm works. Not only was Mark great with the kids but he was also a great teacher to the adults.  I'm sure we will make a trip back during strawberry season and get some of Farmer Mark's yummy berries!!  We ended the day with a couple of shots near some hay bales....what a great fall field trip, can't wait to go back next year!!

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