Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patchin' at Hill Ridge Farms

Last Sunday we headed to Hill Ridge Farms with the Herman Family for our annual pumpkin patchin' excursion. In year's past, we opted for the much closer Ganyard Farms, but feeling the girls had matured a bit, we felt they could handle the 45 minute ride to Youngsville.  Plus, we knew they were ready to experience more activities and Hill Ridge certainly offers that.

Our first stop was this GIANT slide.  I was impressed that Emerson wanted to go, but she followed right after Ivie up the hill without hesitation.  

Daddy followed closely behind, knowing he would be coming down with her, and sure enough.....

...he was right there with her.  But check out the smiles on both of their faces!!

Before we headed to the train, we took a quick second to take a picture in front of the "How Tall This Fall" pumpkin.  I've seen these at a lot of pumpkin patches.  Ganyard Farms has one and we got a picture there last year....check out the difference a year makes.  I would say Emerson grew a good 6 inches since last year. 

After measuring Emerson, we were off to the Hill Ridge Farms Train. Emerson was adamant we sit in the "Caboosk". So away we went for our trip around the track in the very back of the train!!  

Check out the hay bale artwork!!  These were all over Hill Ridge and I thought they were so clever.  

The ponies were very popular and we had a slight wait for them, but Emerson would contend it was well worth the wait.  She had just ridden her first pony the weekend before and couldn't wait to get back on one.  She was also pretty headstrong about having the white one (she would have picked pink, had there been one).  Thankfully the Herman girls both wanted brown or we might have had a meltdown situation.  Emerson did a great job!!  Mommy is still very happy that it's just ponies she wants to ride!!

A quick picture before following Ivie over the the duck races.

Ivie wanted to participate in the duck races and Emerson was intrigued so the Hermans let us borrow one their ducks so Emerson could have a turn.  She got bored quickly with this as she couldn't get the water to come out fast enough. But if Ivie was doing it, she obviously wanted to do it too!!!

Emerson knew exactly where she wanted to go next...she was headed straight for the Hay Jump (I think that's what it was called).  It was basically a huge open-air structure to jump, roll, kick, and have a great 
time in the hay!!  

After the "romp in the hay" we decided it was time to get on a hayride, which would eventually drop us off at the "pumpkin patch" to get our pumpkins.  I will have to say, the pumpkin patch wasn't very impressive and it isn't really fun to see a tractor putting out pallets of pumpkins, kind of ruins the moment.  But I do understand that they have 1,000's of visitors and there is just no way they could grow that many I'll let the pallets of pumpkins slide!!

(Photo Credit: Amy Herman) 

After Emerson picked out her pumpkin, we were back on the hayride headed to the car.  We knew the girls were getting tired (and so were the parents), so we decided lunch was next on the agenda.  

(Photo Credit: Amy Herman) 

I quickly got a shot of Emerson coming off the hayride.  I knew I had one for every year we had been going to the patches.  How cute...I just can't get over how big she is getting!!

What a perfect day at the pumpkin patch.  I am pretty sure this is going to be our new tradition with the Hermans (sorry Ganyard Farms)!!

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