Monday, January 18, 2010

The Dever's Disney Vacay - Travel to Orlando


Yes, we are back from Disney World, our first "official" family vacation; you know, the kind of vacation you actually plan, not just a jaunt to the beach or the mountains.  This was the first vacation we have actually taken as a family and luckily, we were also joined by our dear friends and neighbors the Hermans.  I decided, though, that our vacation wasn't going to end yesterday when we got home.  Luckily I am off of work today due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, but Danny had to work, so I declared today the last official day of our vacation and decided it would be a day with lots of Disney videos and Mickey Mouse Clubhouses.  What better way to end a vacation than to veg out all day in front of the TV and unwind from what was a GREAT but EXHAUSTING trip.  So, as I sit here writing the first of what will be many Disney World blogs, I've got Nemo playing in the DVD player so that Mommy can do all her unpacking, laundry and most importantly blogging.  Not to mention all the pictures I have to go through, edit, and create collages for; 2,247 to be exact (1,423 of mine and 824 of Amy's), that could take an entire day in itself.  So I am glad we planned our vacation around this holiday so we have one more day to enjoy before heading back to work and school.  

Alright, let's get to the first Disney blog.  I can't mention our vacation without mentioning our trip down to Orlando and Disney World.  This wasn't Emerson's "first" plane ride, she traveled to Florida when she was 3 months old, but hasn't been on a plane since then.  So, this was the first airplane trip that she might remember and certainly the first trip that she actually knew what was happening.  We (Amy and I, the planners of the trip) decided to send the girls to school on Wednesday before our flight, hopefully giving us some peace and quiet to get any last minute packing done.  We were thankful that Grammy and Papa offered to drive both families to the airport and then bring our cars back to our respective houses.  We pulled out of our driveways right on the dot at 12:15, and we were on our way to pick up the girls from school.  I was hopeful that Emerson would be asleep since it was during nap time and thankfully she was asleep when I got to her classroom; that didn't last long, though, and she woke up the moment I put her in her car seat.  Emerson was super excited about her plane trip and trip to Disney (she had known about if for a couple of months, and had waited very patiently.)  Emerson got in the car and immediately started reciting all the characters by name...."We're going to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy,"  and so on.  Danny asked Emerson (facetiously), "Emerson, are you a little excited?"  Her response, "No, Daddy, I a BIG excited!!"

Emerson couldn't have been a better traveler, she was a bit anxious to get on the plane and didn't like standing in line, but nothing that some Cheetos and distraction from Ivie couldn't cure.  Once she was on the plane, she did a great job.  She held Mommy and Daddy's hand during take-off and enjoyed looking out the window at the ground, which she insisted was water.  She loved looking at the "crowds" (clouds) and talking about how we were up really high in the sky.  When we could turn on electronics, Emerson sat quietly and watched her movie, ate her pretzels and drank her apple juice.  Emerson even got a set of Southwest wings and an airplane card to color from the flight attendant.    I couldn't have asked for her to be a better makes me want to start planning our next Dever adventure. 

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  1. Well, if you're a member of this family you've got to be a good traveler since we all seem to travel quite a bit. I just earned silver elite status myself on Northwest/Delta and I'm sure I'll be racking up those miles again this year as well. Ed's off again tomorrow to PA so the fun begins! Now if I could just figure out how to get out of WI for most of Feb & Mar maybe I could miss out on the worst part of the winter. I'm game for Disney...Emerson wanna go again with Aunt Diamond? (lol...wishful thinkin :)