Sunday, January 31, 2010


For Christmas this year, Emerson got a bunch of Play-Doh and all the tools to go with it.  We hadn't owned any Play-Doh before that and any experience with Play-Doh before had either been at school or at her friend Ivie's house.  Not being a huge fan of making intentional messes, I had steered clear of Play-Doh with a toddler as long as I thought I could, but when I saw this neat set while Christmas shopping, I gave in.  And then proceeded to buy all the accessories that went with it.  Last Sunday, Danny, Emerson and I got out the Play-Doh bin from our new IKEA storage (more on that later) and had a great time playing with all the fun instruments and tools.  Emerson loved playing with "pluto" as she called it.  We made hearts, stars, squares, diamonds and spaghetti, as well as stamped, cut, rolled, and molded.  As someone who doesn't like their foods to touch, I was very careful not to mix any of the colors.  I realize this won't last long, but at least we got all the colors back in their respective cans this time.  What a fun Sunday afternoon activity to enjoy some great family time together!! 

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