Friday, January 22, 2010

The Dever's Disney Vacay - Chef Mickey's (Day 2)

Our second day at Disney didn't start out like any of us had envisioned, I'm sure.  We decided early in our Disney planning stage that we were only going to do one "character meal,"  assuming Emerson and Ivie would eventually have the opportunity to visit Disney again, and because most of these meals can be quite expensive.  So, I made our reservation back in October for the Chef Mickey Breakfast at the Contemporary Resort.  I made the reservation at 8:40 am, knowing the girls (my girl, at least) were early risers and this should give us plenty of time to get to the resort.  I was told that we needed to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to our reservation...not a problem at all, right?  Amy and I discussed the night before and decided we would leave our condo around 8:00 am, considering it was only 10 minutes away, that was ample time to get to the Contemporary, park, and head up to the fourth floor for breakfast to meet our 15 minute window before 8:40 am. 

If only things were simple and went as planned.  We assumed we could follow the signs like we did the day before; in fact, we swore that we even saw signs for the Contemporary the day before.  We were right, we saw A sign, but that was it; only one sign directing us to our destination.  We continued to think we were going the right way until we realized we were lost and had gone too far.  We were in two separate cars and I'm not sure what the Herman car was like, but I can tell you the Dever car was not fun.  Danny and I were stressed out, trying to figure out where we were going and trying to make it there by our 8:40 am reservation.  Emerson and Ivie, on the other hand, were so excited singing and laughing in the back seat, oblivious to the situation at hand.  Finally, Dale pulled up next to us and informed us of what we already knew, we had passed the exit.  He was more successful at pulling up the directions on his droid than I was, so we let him take the lead.  Amy and I, unaware the other was doing it, both made calls to the restaurant and told them we were going to be late.  The said they would hold our reservation for 15 - 20 minutes.  After one more wrong turn, we finally made it to the resort.  Whew!!  What was supposed to be a great morning, started a bit rocky, but that all changed when we got upstairs and saw Mickey. 

All the adults took deep breaths and tried to forget about the mess we had just come from.  We had a moment to take some pictures while we waited to be seated.  It was then time to fill our bellies and meet all the characters.  As the waitress came around to take drink orders, she asked if anyone would like coffee, to which Emerson replied, "I would like some coffee, please!"  (Ahh, Mimi has spoiled that she wants coffee at breakfast; next thing you know, she will only want Starbucks.)  The food was great and the girls, along with the adults, loved their Mickey shaped waffles.  The most important part was getting to meet all the characters.  Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy all came out one-by-one to greet each table.  They were so nice to spend time at each table and give every child personal attention, and the kids were thrilled they got that attention. 

After all the madness of the beginning of the day, the breakfast surely was a great treat to enjoy before we started the rest of our day at Magic Kingdom!!

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