Monday, May 31, 2010

A Road Trip to Charlotte!!

Last Saturday, we decided to hit the road for a quick trip to Charlotte.  We had two missions; first, see the townhouse we are helping our nephew buy in the NoDa area of Charlotte, and second, a trip to IKEA in search of a "BIG GIRL" bed for Emerson.  So first thing Saturday morning we hit the road for a day trip to Charlotte.

So far, Emerson has been a pretty good and easy traveller but when you add Cheerios and a Handy Manny video, with her very own "ears" to listen to it, it makes car travelling with a toddler a BREEZE!!!

Our first objective was to visit the townhouse with Coco (Corey) and the real estate agent, because to this point, we hadn't seen the property in person.  We still haven't closed on this property, it's a foreclosure and the process has been a bit more detailed and time consuming than a normal property purchase. Hopefully we will close this week. 

The Townhouse

Living, Kitchen, Dining
(hideous yellow color throughout the house, it's funny because it's the same color in my kitchen that I have been trying to replace for at least two years.  Now I have to worry about it in two houses...UGH!!  At least Corey will be getting his painted soon....I think I will have to live with my yellow a bit longer..Boo!!!)

Green Room, Blue Room, and their Shared Bathroom
(the previous owner really loved color...really bright colors!)

Corey's Penthouse Suite!!!
(3rd Floor Bedroom, Bathroom, and Terrace)

Back Porch

Charlotte (the daughter of our real estate agent) 
and Emerson having fun. 

After touring the townhouse, we had lunch with Corey and then headed to Dean and Deluca, where Corey works, to get Emerson a promised cupcake.  If anyone knows Dean and Deluca, their cupcakes are HUGE, so we fudged a bit and told her that these peanut butter truffle cups were "mini-cupcakes".  She didn't bat an eyelash and enjoyed every minute of eating one!!

A short sugar-induced nap on the way to IKEA.  I love how Emerson feel asleep clutching her bow in her hand. 

Time to accomplish our second task at hand; find a BIG GIRL bed for Emerson.  I think Emerson tried out every bed at IKEA, crawling on, jumping on, covering up, and rolling around.  She certainly tried them all on for size.  We started in the "adult bed" area.  Emerson ran from bed to bed to bed.....even pretending to be asleep on some them!!

My favorite picture, what a sweetie!!!

We moved to the toddler section of IKEA next; probably the brightest and most fun section of the entire place, at least for Emerson!!!  The beds in this section were a lot closer to Emersons size, so the running and jumping was a bit easier.  They had several bedrooms set up and of course, one of them even had a slide.  It was hard to pull Emerson away from all the fun. 

I think we finally settled on a bed for Emerson, one that Mom, Dad, and Emerson all liked.  We decided to wait and come back to IKEA to get the frame when we close on the townhouse.  So, needless to say, Emerson is still in her crib, but hopefully soon, the big girl bed will make its blog debut.  We had a great time together as a family road tripping to Charlotte!!

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