Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The State Fair

Last night, we headed to the NC State Fair for a night of fun with several families; the Herman Family (Amy, Dale, Ivie and Macie), the Beale Family (Bethany, Michael, Laney, and Ashton), and the Cherry Family (Bob, Stuart, and Will).  Emerson was so excited to go to the fair, and had talked about it all weekend.  This years experience was much different than last; we had a toddler that wanted to do EVERYTHING!!! (and I took a lot more pictures than last year)

The first activity we headed for were some of the kiddie rides.  The Merry-Go-Round was first on the agenda; all the kids loved riding their own "horseys".  After the Merry-Go-Round, Laney and Ivie had no fear and went down the "sack" slide all by themselves.  I think their bravery rubbed off a bit on Emerson because she was ready to go when it came time for the next ride.   

The strawberry round-a-bout was next on the ride line-up.  Laney and Ivie rode in their own and Danny and Emerson got in the one behind them. I think everyone, including Danny, had a blast on this one and good thing NO ONE got sick (dizzy maybe, but not sick) from all the spinning. 

After the Strawberry, Laney and Ivie headed for the Dragon roller coaster.  Emerson showed her NO FEAR attitude and quickly followed them.  Once she saw them on the ride, there was no stopping this toddler, she was on a mission to ride, too.  She was halfway up the stairs before we even got the tickets in her hand.  Laney was nice enough to sit by herself, so that Emerson and Ivie could ride together.  Needless to say, Mommy was a bit nervous about this one but I let her go anyway.  Although all the faces in the pictures below look like the girls are scared to death, they all wanted to ride again and again.  No need for Mommy to worry...Emerson did great and loved the ride.

After the dragon, I thought it would be nice to slow it down a bit and ride something that Mr. Will could also enjoy.  Emerson didn't know the difference in a "safe" ride so she was game.  Stuart and I headed for Jalopy Junction with Emerson and Will.  They both had a great time "driving" their cars and the moms didn't have to be so nervous with this ride. 

After all the riding, it was time for the kids and the adults to eat, and boy did our group try it ALL.  Between everyone, we had foot longs, corn dogs, pizza, cheese steaks, french fries, corn-on-the-cob, turkey legs, popcorn, cotton candy, fried Reese's peanut butter cups, fried snickers, and fried oreos, and I am pretty sure I am probably forgetting something in that mix.  Emerson was a trooper and ate in her stroller for most of the time but got out to cuddle with Daddy for a bit and to try his corn dog!!

Livestock time!!!  Who doesn't want to go walk through a stinky building and look at prize winning livestock after gorging themselves on food??  Come on, it's like a state fair ritual and we were all for it.  We saw cows, and not just cows, we saw "BIG COWS!!", as Emerson said.  We saw goats, sheep, horses (19 hands, Aunt Diamond), chickens, and pigs.  Emerson loved them all but her NO FEAR attitude was deflated a bit when we got close to the cows; she is still a bit gun shy after her cow experience at Fearrington.  Ivie and Laney had no fear, though, and quickly jumped at the opportunity to milk a cow.  The livestock, as always, a huge hit with the kids!!!

Almost time for us to leave, but not before Round 2 on both the Merry-Go-Round and the Dragon rides, being silly with Daddy, and some game time for the girls (all of which were stall tactics).  The girls loved playing the games and it's nice that "All kids are winners, Folks" (said repeatedly by the game operators).  The girls got to pick out prizes, Emerson came home with a ducky and a stuffed banana. 

I would say this years trip to the fair was, wait for it, LEGENDARY (for all my "How I Met Your Mother" fans).  We had a great time and are so glad we went.  In fact, we had so much fun we are returning tomorrow night with Uncle Nick, Aunt Diamond and Coco....I am sure there will be another blog post soon.  Until next years annual fair trip. 

(whew, that was a long blog)

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  1. That WAS long! Good work! You pretty much covered it all!