Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tutu Cute!!!

Naturally, being the dancer I am (ahem..was!), I LOVE TUTUS!  There is just something about a tutu that screams GIRL!!!  I especially love them on toddlers and even more than that, I especially love them on toddlers when their little chunky monkey legs peek out from the bottom.  So, it was only a matter of time before I put a tutu on Miss Priss (so fitting) and let her strut around being the GIRLY GIRL that she is.

I found this adorable tutu for Emerson when I was visiting Charlotte (the city, not the person) one weekend.  I loved the fact that it combined classic ballet pink with edgy black.  I really wanted to get some pictures of Emerson this past summer with her tutu on, but time came and went, and life didn't let us get the pics.  I found this great chair at a consignment sale and refinished it just for these pictures (it still needs a monogram - winter project) but I was thinking that I would have to wait until Spring to get her and the tutu in the chair.  But, a couple of Sundays ago (11/08/09) we had an abnormally warm day for a November in North Carolina and I decided to take a stab at capturing Emerson's inner (and outer) girlyness!!!  It also helped that Emerson didn't want to nap and we needed something to fill in the time. Here are ALL of my favorites from the pseudo photo shoot (sorry, there were a lot). 

(If you would like to see one of the pictures larger, just click on it)







Being Cute
(what she does best)

The next couple are some of my favorites,
that deserve to be by themselves!

My absolute FAVORITE!!!

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  1. I agree, that last one is my favorite! It's all things girly...tutu, pink bows, gorgeous eyes, pouty pink lips. So adorable! Great fun shots! :)